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05-22-2003, 10:36 AM
Dear Fur-Children,

When Mom says to move, it means go someplace else, not switch positions so that you are still in the way. Your brown eyes will not win you the best seat in the house. Just because Mom went to get a glass of water doesn't mean you have next dibs on her seat.

The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of Mom's plate and food does not stake your claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor does Mom find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating Mom to the bottom is not the object. Tripping Mom doesn't help, because Mom falls faster than you can run. So don't complain when your paw or tail gets injured. Mom's cast is a far more serious result of your need to go fast..

Mom cannot buy anything bigger than a king size bed. She is very sorry about this. Do not think Mom will continue to sleep on the couch to ensure your comfort. Look at videos of dogs sleeping; they can actually curl up in a ball. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. Mom also knows that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out the other end to maximize space used is nothing but doggy sarcasm.

When Mom is working on the computer, jumping up and trying to grab the mouse through the glass is not helpful. Barking at Mom because she's not helping you achieve your goal does not win you any extra brownie points. Mom's compact discs are not miniature Frisbees.

For the last time, there is not a secret exit from the bathroom. If by some miracle I beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine, and try to turn the knob, or get your paw under the edge and try to pull the door open. Mom must exit through the same door she entered. In addition, Mom has been using bathrooms for years, canine attendance is not mandatory.

The proper order is kiss Mom, go smell other dog's butt. Mom cannot stress this enough. It would be such a simple change for you guys to make.

Lastly, please do not drag your butt on the carpet, and if you must puke then look for the linoleum, and if you have a butt cling-on do not hide under the bed, and if you must eat Kleenex eat it all, don't leave the bits of wet small gobs all over the house....and if I catch you with my best lace undies on your head one more time you become a permanent OUTDOOR dog. That means more shots for you and a dingy little house, no bed, and none of the lovely privileges you have already granted yourself.

Much love to you my good buddy. It helps that you are a perfect listener when it doesn't involve anything you have done. That you share your body heat unconditionally. That you seem to have a permanent grin. That your eyelids flap when you hang your head out the car window. That you have a strength and endurance I can only envy. And that you have taught me that there is a time to work, a time to play, and a time to rest. Dogs really are a best friend, and I swear you understand every word I say.

Love Mom (and Dad)

05-22-2003, 11:10 AM
OMG - Where did you get it? I laughed the entire time I was reading it! It's hysterical, but also frighteningly true - I know I've said many of these things numerous times to each of my furbabies.

Thanks for brightening my day! :D

05-22-2003, 11:27 AM
a friend sent it to me. i, too, was laughing the whole time especially about the racetrack, bathroom, and bed parts.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Originally posted by robinh
OMG - Where did you get it? I laughed the entire time I was reading it! It's hysterical, but also frighteningly true - I know I've said many of these things numerous times to each of my furbabies.

Thanks for brightening my day! :D

Cinder & Smoke
05-22-2003, 11:38 AM

Dunno why :confused: Dad felt da need ta print dat out an hang it onna wall...
Kalled us ober an sed "Reed dis, Guyz!"

OMG! He made an extree kopy ta take home fur da KAT, too!
Dat'z gud - KAT duz more Paw-Dippin :eek: inna plate den *we* do! :p

Dad sez Fankz fur da *chukkel* !! :D

05-22-2003, 11:38 AM
Just what I needed on this grey, rainy day! Too funny and so right on!:D

05-22-2003, 11:51 AM
Very cute!! Brightened my day!

05-22-2003, 11:58 AM
:D That is TOO true!! Thanks for the laugh!! I needed that....:)

05-22-2003, 12:42 PM
I just sent it to all my friends and family that have dogs.:D Thanks for posting it.

05-22-2003, 01:48 PM
That was just toooo funny!!!!! Thanks for making my day. :D :D

05-22-2003, 02:25 PM
Thats too cutie. Thanx for sharing.:)

05-22-2003, 02:40 PM
All my guys just love to have me read out loud to them so at least I will be able to get into it a bit before they realize it's "MANDITORY" reading & we may even have a quiz afterward :rolleyes: I do just love this and thank you very much for posting it :D

Cisco's Mom
05-22-2003, 06:05 PM
That was really cute!:D I enjoyed reading it and sent it on via e-mail. Thanks for posting!!:D

05-22-2003, 06:46 PM
That was great!

I'd like to add one:

Do not head for the last clean spot on the king size bed. That is Mom's spot. The bed is dirty because of you. If you want a clean spot you have two choices: don't roll in dirt and thoroughly wipe your paws when you come inside; or wash the sheets while Mom is at work.

05-22-2003, 09:35 PM
That's so cute!!!
I especially love the part about the bathroom--what is it with that place---all 3 of mine follow me in there.

Dakota's Mommy
05-23-2003, 11:46 AM
I sent it to my email so I can forward it along! It's so cute and fits my girls so well, especially the kind sized bed!!!!!!!!!

05-23-2003, 07:37 PM
Sabies, SO TRUE, especially when it's wet and muddy outside. They jump on the bed - whether i'm in it or not - and dry themselves off on the sheets and blankets :o my fault i suppose for allowing it, but i do wish they would wait..geez. Or, as you said - at least wash the sheets