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02-15-2001, 10:01 AM
Merlins mom here: I have felt the pain and sorrow of losing a best buddy to the rainbow bridge ,I as a result have found a way to help in a way. I am a spinner and knitter I have created 2 patterns of hats for those who have had time to save groomings from your pal. I have a tam and a stocking cap. This whole thing started as a freind called as he was leaving town to do a story ( he is a photographer for National Geographic) was afread his golden (18) wouldn't be there when he returned could I create a memory hat.
So I did and now lots of people want them . I charge $25 per hat thats the spinning and Knitting I send them back via prioty mail so about $4 . I also send $5 to our local spay and Nuter clinic.
Also always looking to buy shed out , If I can help any one out in their pain it's better than a cold photo!

02-15-2001, 12:55 PM
Oh Corinna! How special. As a spinner and weaver, I truly appreciate your heartfelt work. I've often thought myself of spinning my husky's undercoat shed. How much is needed? Please let me know. You can email me with details if you'de rather. Keep up the wonderful work. I know it would be very special for me to have such a piece. By the way. Afraid to ask, but what about the golden. Did she live to see her master again? Paws crossed!

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02-16-2001, 12:06 AM
Hi there I'll answer here so if anyone has questions. I need about a ziploc large freezer bag size, if you don't want it plyed with sheep then double it. a bread sack stuffed does well and sometimes I get a scarf made too. I did for the goldens sister.
I have to report that a week before his 3 month filming ended the old boy had to be put down due to kidney failure, but the gentlemans sister who always took care of him was there and held him. So I was to wash the hat and she called telling me not to so it still smelled of the old boy. I wasn't home when he came to pick it up , hubby said the guy started to tear up and had to go fast. I did see him this year wearing the hat , I did't get to talk to him we were in a large crowd at our local christmas celebration. Wearing it means he likes it at least to me it does.Heard that the sister got him a new little gold pup for christmas, hes suppose to do a hiking article on the Pacific trail and taking pup along, as he did the old guy till he was too old.
Thought you'd be intrested in the most unique thing I've done Grizzly bear hubby is a taxidermist and had a rug and I curried out the hide and made a hat for the wife of the owner. I have also done black lab short and course but do able. anyone can e-mail me at [email protected] This one doesn't tie up hubby's business mail. Corinna