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05-12-2003, 10:22 AM
Murphie was around 7 years old. She was young for a rottweiler. She was the sweetest she could be. Whenever you'd talk to her, or kiss her or even give her a hug, she'd growl and show teeth. Murphie meant absolutely nothing by it, we figured it was her way of "purring." :p We'd ask for a kiss and she'd happily give one, with a growl or two, of course. When we first got her, she assumed Rosie was her mom and Rose took on the role of being her mom. Those two were very close and as they got older, they showed their affection for one another less, but they still cared about eachother... you'd see them occasionally laying together, or kissing one another. They'd be on total opposite sides of the room, both with their own food bowl... growling at eachother. We'd put pillows in between them and Murphie would stand up just to see Rosie and growl. lol. When Murphie did something she knew she wasn't supposed to do and if you asked her, "Did you do this?" She'd have ... and no lie or exaggeration ... a smile *almost* from ear to ear. It was the cutest thing to see. You couldn't be mad at her anymore, if she chewed up something of yours, after you saw that smile. lol. She also loved being outside and went out everytime another dog wanted outside, plus twenty times more. Then, one very unhappy and unlucky day, my mom found a bump on her left shoulder. A very large and hard bump. We took her to the vet, the vet diagnosed bone cancer. The bump grew and grew and grew. Pretty soon, Murphie couldn't stand up, she couldn't even go outside urinate. She ended up peeing all over herself, which my mom and I cleaned every time. We made her comfortable beds, which she peed on and we always washed and made sure she had a clean and new comfortable bed. We eventually put diapers on her, which helped a lot, but not all the way. We turned her every so often, so one side didn't get sore. We gave her her food there, fresh water and spent hours on end with her, laying on the floor with her. The day came when it was time to let her go. We have this little thing of making these guys really happy before they go... Murphie absolutely loved bread. We had this little bread holder that had a top that opened upward and made a loud noise when slammed down, because it was wooden. Every time Murphie wanted some bread, she'd take her nose, lift the cover up and let it slam down. Of course, she quickly learned everytime she did that, she'd get bread. Well anyway, before we left with her to the vet, we gave her as much bread as she could eat. Then we all loaded her into my dad's truck (not the bed of the truck, behind the two seats, F-150, extended cab.) We loaded her in there and sat silently the whole ride there, while I stuck my hand back behind the seat to pet her. When we got there, we took her into the vet where my mom stayed in the room with Murphie and I didn't, because I just can't handle that. In tears...:( Anyway, Murphie is gone now and I miss and love her so much. I wish she didn't have to go. I love you Murphie.

Attached is a picture of Murph.

Write about your special ones here, if you want.

05-12-2003, 07:33 PM
Aw....she was gorgeous. I have a soft spot for rotties along with a few other breeds. I've never had a dog before Kai so I can't tell you about any deceased ones of mine. But my cousin's dog just recently passed. It hit me hard because I was starting to get attached to her.

She was always mischevious. I got the chance to watch her for a few days about a month before she left. Her and Kai got along great. Actually they got along too well! All they wanted to do was play. I had to seperate them into seperate rooms for a while until they decided to calm down. I would always give them treats at the same time so one didn't get jealous but she would always eat hers then go after kai's. She's was a sneeky girl...She stole a pig ear from kai...and kai didn't seem to notice right away. Anyways, she eventually went home and one day she ran out the door. Unluckily, there was a car coming by. She got hit and passed on. Being the small dog she was (pom/pug), I hoped that she passed instantly so she didn't suffer. She's at a better place now...

05-13-2003, 10:14 AM
Porkie-a yorkie that only lived for 9 months. he got electicuted(sp) in my room. i had a light plugged in.the one that i never plugged in exept to show people. well i left then came back upstairs and he was laying there.it's kinda gross.

Mandy-mandy was my mom's first dog and my first dog. she was a mini schnauzer salt and pepper in color. my mom got her for her 8th birthday. and she still had her when i was born. she was 21 years old and blind and going deaf. my dad took her to the vet to have her put down,because we couldn't stand seeing her unhappy. she kept running into things.

Dusty-dusty was a keeshond. we only had him for 2 weeks he got ahold of some anti-freeze at my aunt's house.

coconut-she was a cocker spanial/beagle cross. she was my second dog. she was wild,and ran into the road when she was a puppy.her eye popped out....we called her pop-eye after that. then on my brother's 9 birthday she got hit by a car agian. she lived to be 6 years old.

i miss them all terribly....:( :( :( :(