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10-29-2000, 08:27 AM
Came across this beautiful sentiment in Hearts United for Animals.

To err is human, to forgive canine


I have the right to give and receive unconditional love

I have the right to a life that is beyond mere survival

I have the right to be trained so that I do not become the prisoner of my own misbehavior

I have the right to adequate food and medical care

I have the right to fresh air and green grass

I have the right to socialize with people and dogs outside of my own family

I have the right to special time with my people

I have the right to be bred responsibly, if at all

I have the right to be foolish and silly, and to make my person laugh

I have the right to earn my person's trust and to be trusted in return

I have the right to be forgiven

I have the right to die with dignity

I have the right to be remembered well and with love


10-29-2000, 01:01 PM
tatxxx11 I actually like the first thought the best......"To err is human to forgive canine." So true. I've never met a dog that held a grudge!! Though many get off to bad starts in life, with horrible circumstances, they will offer their unconditional love again to their new "person." We as humans can learn from that!

10-29-2000, 03:01 PM
What a fantastic set of laws for Dogdem! I especially like the powerful language used in the phrase, "...so that I don't become the prisoner of my own misbehaviour." Brilliantly put!

10-29-2000, 04:52 PM
Isn't it true???? It's seems no matter what horrible thing may be done to them, what horrible circumstance thrust upon them, they seem to have a bottomless well of love and forgiveness. And Carrie, you're right. That was the line that most got to me too. So times I even catch myself scolding Star or Cody for some misadventure or folly whose roots lie in MY lack of discipline, guidance or consistency in training. I HATE when I do that. Too often WE create those circumstances that invite "misbehavior," then blame them. It's as though we sometimes set them up for failure. Speaking of "misadventure." If anyone has been following the "food comparison" topic in Health, and all our doggies' antics, Star out
-did herself yesterday. After two hours of preparation and baking, having been just placed on my counter, Star wasn't in the kitchen 20 seconds before she cruised the counter and wolfed down 1/2 a jelly roll!!! I never even saw it go down!!! Honest. One second it was there, and then AHHHHHHH!!! Any other labmoms out there? They are just bottomless pits! Point being: Her fault or mine!!!??? I had to laugh. It WAS filled with homemade raspberry jam. I think she sniffed it out! Sandra

10-29-2000, 07:18 PM
Stomachs on legs!

10-29-2000, 09:25 PM

Yes, I'm a Labmom. 2 girls, one 9.5yo chocolate, and a 3.5yo black. Both would be bottomless pits if I allowed them to be. As to countersurfing, the younger one sometimes tries, but I get on her case so bad that she remembers for a week or so....then tries again! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif Nothing has ever been stolen off my counters though, I have taught them "don't touch" and it works.

karen israel
10-30-2000, 09:54 AM
Hee.hee! LOL! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif Stomachs on legs? Could NOT have said it better! Cody's pretty OK with "Don't you Dare"! when eyeing the counters, but he will imeediately sit, expecting a morsel. Whew! Conquered that! But I still have to sternly (me?) make him lay/stay next to me at dinner as to not dart under the table for a spill. Proud to say, he's been doing very well (ME BOSS!!) I threaten the baby gate and down he goes. I really wanted to teach him by command, but I know people who leave enough tension on the leash while they step on it to keep the dog in place. Whatever works!

10-30-2000, 10:24 AM
Stomach on legs, huh? Very funny. I think I, or Star, has just been insulted. She'd like to think of herself as poetry in motion! She does know "Off!" and usually obeys, but hey, unless you have a lab, it may be hard to comprehend their obsession with food. Mom's back was turned and she went for it! More training needed here! FYI she has a gorgeous build and is the perfect weight. I think I better shut up about her antics. I'm giving "us" a bad name!!!

10-30-2000, 01:38 PM
It really wasn't meant as an insult, just..um..well...it's the best description I could come up with, although I agree the mental picture isn't so pleasant!!
I once had a yellow lab in training that would take food out of pans on the cooker! She never injured herself, although how was a mystery. Needless to say she didn't make it as a guide dog! I was working her in town one day, her in harness and me in blindfold with a colleague following for safety. I felt her pull slightly and quickly to the left but she walked on at the same speed and on the same line as before until I heard my follower yell,"Stop!" (When you are blindfolded you react pretty quick to that!)
It turned out that the dog had walked past a child of about three years of age and stolen her ice cream cone!! How embarrassing is that?!

10-30-2000, 03:02 PM

I laughed out loud at your ice cream story http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif It's hilarious!!! It was so funny, I read then read again and laughed again http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

We had a yellow lab (he was said to be lab/golden ret. mix but he did not look to have any GR in him, he looked all lab!)for 13 years and he was not very food driven. I am not sure why. He's the only lab I have had and, by the sounds of it, he was very unusual in his lack of food obsession http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif At the dog park which I take my dogs to, there are quite a few labs and all of them seem to be real food driven. If ANYONE walks into that park with treats in their pocket, they had better HOPE one of the dogs don't smell what they have because the dogs lose all training and will RIP that pocket to shreads to get what's inside! I made the mistake, before I realized how food driven some dogs are, and had to run out of the park before the dogs ripped off my coat and shreaded it! They worked as a team (maybe 6 or 7 of them) and every time I'd turn to avoid one, another snached my pocket filled with treats....long story short, they ripped both pockets, even tho I only had treats in one pocket! The "brat pack" were all labs except for one shepherd mix!

I will NEVER walk into that dog park with a pocket full of treats again http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif Live and Learn.

10-30-2000, 04:07 PM
Thick Brit here again - what is a dog park?

10-30-2000, 04:10 PM
HA HA HA!!!! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif
Carrie, you are too funny!! You usually tend to give the "serious", responsible answers. I just loved the "stomach on legs" reply!!!
My Lilly LOVES to eat!! She just stares at you when she sees food. I am very careful, and so far she hasn't stolen anything off of the counter, but I did have to take the cat food feeder out of the bathroom because she would sneak in and empty the whole thing in one trip!! It would hold almost a whole bag of Kitten Chow!! Now Mimi gets fed on the counter top. She knows her spot and never goes further. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif
I just love all of your responses, especially the one in another section where the dog took the salmon filet out of the refrigerator! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

10-30-2000, 05:34 PM
Hah!!! OK, enough with the stomach on legs deal!! All of this frivolity and laughter at the expense of my poor, little innocent (???)Star. Poor baby. She sulking in the corner as we speak. Carrie: I did tell her about your doggie's ice cream adventure and she gave a giggle and a big "paws up." Little Brat! Once I met a mortgage loan officer (to whom had we had applied to for a home mortgage) at an outdoor hot dog stand. I had my (since passed, God bless her) precious lab/golden mix Jingles with me. The woman put her one hand out to shake mine and Jing very quietly and gently slid her hot dog right out of the roll! Down the hatch! What technique!! Thankfully the woman was a dog lover. We got the mortgage despite the hot dog theft. Dog park??? A park that allows you to bring your dog.. We Americans have designated dog friendly public grounds!

10-30-2000, 06:09 PM
Thanks for that, love the hot dog story.
Does that mean that in cities and large towns the only free running space for your dogs is in parks where every other dog in town also hangs out?

10-30-2000, 06:28 PM
Just about!! Most parks, beaches, etc. post a sign stating whether or not dogs are allowed. A good percentage do not allow dogs ever. Some at specified times. If so, leashed only. (Good idea) California (the left coast) is a bit more liberal. They have many large open spaces: Parks, beaches etc. where dogs are allowed to play and run off lead. There are sites on the internet listing dog parks and dog beaches across the country. I live on the ocean on the east coast. (Massachusetts) From Memorial Day (start of our summer season) through Labor Day (your Boxer's Day??) in Sept. NO DOGS EVER ANYTIME allowed on beach. Of course this is properly ignored!! After 6pm or so we reclaim our beaches from the tourists and everyone in the neighborhood brings their pup down for a swim and a walk. Even the animal control officer in town turns her head! I found that many Europeans, especially the French, have a much different attitude. In France, I noticed they allow dogs everywhere! Even in restaurants and stores. No one minds and the dogs are very well behaved. People act quite responsibly. I dare say we Americans sometimes don't act too responsibly re: our dog's control and behavior in public. Not to mention cleaning up our pup's messes. Hence, dogs are not as welcome as they might be. What's it like across the "pond?" How are dog's treated in public places? I know the queen is a big dog lover!!

10-30-2000, 07:10 PM
Most of our parks have areas fenced off with play equipment for kids in it and dogs are not allowed in these areas. The same goes for football and cricket pitches. Some beaches tried to ban dogs a few years ago but most were forced to allow dogs onto at least part of the beach in the summer and all of it in the winter.
We have a lot of hotels, holiday rentals, pubs etc. that will allow dogs in as long as they are behaved. If they are not they are asked to leave.
The Queen is a dog lover and has trained many of her own dogs, and still works them, to the gun. She also has a deep love of horses.
Sadly more and more people over here seem to see the dog as an extension of their wardrobe or an addition to what is in the garage!