View Full Version : Fred made it to his "forever" home such as it is

05-04-2003, 09:38 PM
Hi all,

Anna and I were involved in a transport on Saturday of Fred the love of an Anatolian mix. He was the absolute greatest. Anna got a couple of nice pictures...hopefully she will post it for us.
The guy that got him is going to keep him outside with the goats which did NOT make me happy. He gave me the heeby geebies and Mike just flat out detested him. I was so digusted I cried and called the transport coordinator and told him and he is going to have him monitored weekly and if they don't like what they see they are going to pull him. The guy (the new owner) emailed us today and said that Fred has settled in, but, as you might imagine, I am reserving judgement on that.

05-04-2003, 09:41 PM
YAY! I`m happy he found a home! Hope it works out tho!

05-04-2003, 09:47 PM
Glad Fred made it to his home safely. I hope it works out for him. Maybe his "dad" will really fall in love with him, and make him an indoor dog after all. Fingers crossed....

05-04-2003, 10:08 PM
Ugh, how frustrating. :( I'm with Cincy'sMom in hoping that this sweetie will really become part of the family and come indoors. Molly & Anna - congratulations on a successful transport! Fred thanks you!!! :D:D:D

05-05-2003, 12:03 AM
Aw, I bet his new daddy will just fall in love with him and let him be an inside doggie--I hope so at least!! But if you guys didn't like him, you probably have the instincts, unfortunately. At least he will be monitored, and you can know what goes on!!
Congrats on the sucessful transport, and here's hoping that Fred has a wonderful forever home.

05-05-2003, 12:09 AM
Oh Molly and Anna,

Fingers crossed that he does let him be an inside doggie and a goat doggie too ....?

Hopefully Anna will post pics soon ......

05-05-2003, 06:50 AM
Hopeing Fred makes his new dad to fall in love with him asap.

Then he'll have the run of the house.:D

05-05-2003, 07:27 AM
Above all I trust yours and Mike`s instincts in this and I don`t like the sound of that man and his place at all. I am so glad that it was you guys who took him there and could see how it was and got him monitered. Just hoping and praying that all fears are unfounded and after all Fred has found himself a happy forever home.
Looking forward to the pictures from Anna:)


05-05-2003, 08:38 AM
Isn't he just absolutely beautiful?!
And another close up. Who wouldn't just fall in love with that face?!
Like Molly said, Fred was just the bestest dog, I just hated to see him go. I really do hope his new family falls in love with him just as much as we did and lets him be a house doggie!

05-05-2003, 08:38 AM
He's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a precious face!

Speaking from personal experience, I ALWAYS go by my gut instincts. I think Mike and Molly are right to monitor the guy to make sure he is the right home for Fred.

I do have one question though. Is his breed, a Anatolian mix a WORKING dog?? Most working dogs that I know of NEED to do what they were bred for in order to make them happy. Could it be that this guy will have him herd goats by day and make him a house dog at night? I'm just curious.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will be his furrever home.

05-05-2003, 08:42 AM
That's what Mark said too. I just hope he gets the love & attention he needs, even if he is to be a outside dog.

05-05-2003, 10:27 AM
That is my concern. I don't have a problem with him doing the work. I do have a problem with him living outside by the goats. I guess he has a separate place to sleep, but, I REALLY don't like dogs living outside. He was just nasty looking too. YUCKO! I sure hope we're wrong because Fred is just a doll!!

4 Dog Mother
05-05-2003, 10:46 AM
I hope you are wrong too Mugsy. Fred is too beautiful a dog to be living outside. And I think gut feelings are often reliable. When I started trying to get information on Jack, I had a gut feeling too. And that's why I continued to encourage Carl to help me do something about Jack. Often people who let dogs live outside do not give them the care they need. For instance, Jack had ticks on him and I am sure that as soon as it warmed up he would have been covered in fleas. He hadn't had a bath in months and the poor boy itched so bad it wasn't funny. He was chained at night adn we have no idea how long that had beengoing on but our vet said his teeth were broken off probably from chewing on a chain. And he had been doing it for some time for them to be in the shape they are in.

I will hope and pray that this guy isn't the jerk you think he is. I hope we can be updated on how Fred is doing. I didn't see how far you had to transport him. Is there any chance you can "drop in" and see how he is doing?

4 Dog Mother
05-05-2003, 10:48 AM
It's probably a good thing that I wasn't part of that transport. I probably would have refused to give him to that guy and been arrrested for "stealing" a dog. LOL

05-05-2003, 03:31 PM
Fred really is a gorgeous dog (Not that we doubted you!) I reallyhope he is happy in his new home....

05-05-2003, 04:29 PM
Fred is gorgeous!:) Thanks for pictures Anna.

(love his name, it was my husbands name, and he was gorgeous too!:D)


05-05-2003, 09:51 PM
Great looking dog!!!

:( :( Do you know if this guy was previously checked out? :eek:

05-05-2003, 09:55 PM
Yes, Sue, 3 different rescues had interviewed him over the phone and ok'ed him. But, like Tom said, that doesn't replace face to face. He said he would definitely keep us up to date on the happenings.

05-05-2003, 10:15 PM
This case illustrates why home checks are so valuable. Even if it was a long distance adoption, it would help if some rescue in the area could have checked him out before placing him.

Praying that everything works out for him. I know Anatolian Shepherds are a working group dog, but I still like my dogs sleeping in the house. :(

05-05-2003, 10:52 PM
I hope this turns out well for Fred, either his new home working out, or being taken back.

We have fostered 3 dogs: 1 went on to another foster, 2 went to forever homes. We did inspections of the homes and the families. We even called their vets to get a reference. And we have done follow visits too.

The transports we have been involved with, were taking the pets to foster homes. A couple of the transports, we were first leg picking up the dogs as an owner surrender.

Dakota's Mommy
05-06-2003, 11:18 AM
Oh wow! What a cutie! I really hope he gets better care than he is thought to get too! He deserves (all doggies do) much better care and a warm home to live in, I'm with you Mugsy, I hope the rescue groups follow through with their job!

05-06-2003, 03:52 PM
Fred is so adorable! :D

Fingers crossed that he gets to be an indoor doggie.