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10-15-2000, 07:48 PM
Crossposted with permission.

Hi I wanted to let all the rescue lists and groups know that there is a
woman located in Rosedale,Maryland by the name of Ruth Henthorn She has
contacted myself and several other rescues looking to adopt from us. Even
out of state rescues.
She told me and the other rescues she wanted to adopt a particular dog. When
she gets questioned as far as home checks and the interview gets a little
deeper she backs out. When she told me she did rescue she told me she
charged 175 for an adoption fee and did no homechecks. I told her I would
consider her as a home for the Bully I was trying to place and I then
started surfing online...I found a free ad placed buy this RUTH HENTHORN
advertising the Bully she wanted to adopt from me FOR SALE. When I
confronted her about it she never emailed me back or anything. She then
moved on to other rescues who have contacted me to do a homecheck as she
lives in the next town over. PLEASE let everyone know about her.CROSSPOST
Donna Rompilla
DPCA/COPE Rescue Member

Thought this might be useful to some of the rescue people on this board. Remember the name "RUTH HENTHORN"!!! -Rottie