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09-16-2000, 06:55 AM
How come my doctor says i have scabis? She further says that it must have come from my dogs. What is it and how do I avoid having it? Many thanks!

10-29-2000, 05:49 PM
Dear ellensy

I am a nurse, and have to say I'm glad you've seen your physician about this condition. (Scabies) It can, if left untreated, become a real nuisance!!
She or he should be the one to fill you in on all the details, because it is very involved, but here's a little background,
Scabies is a CONTAGIOUS disorder of the skin caused by the very tiny, wingless, parasitic "Human Itch Mite." Red rash and severe itch are commonly seen and experienced at the site where the female insect burrows into the skin. If untreated, the female will continue to lay eggs for 5 weeks!!! It is spread by personal contact, such as shaking hands, sleeping together (yes,with dogs too) or by close contact with infected clothing, bedding, towels, etc. It is ususally found where people are crowded together, like in schools, among families, schoolmates, roommates, etc. Quick treatment is needed to rid the infected person or entire family of eggs and insects.
As to your doggie. Any animal can have scabies and give it to humans. Dogs too. (Really a form of mange) It can then be transmitted back and forth between human and pet. A vicious cycle. Your vet should treat your pup immediately as you begin to treat everyone in your home and your environment. "Revolution" has been found to be very effective in treating scabies in dogs, and is effective against fleas and ticks as well. Human treatment is quite involved: Treating the cause, (getting rid of the critters; many products here-I'm sure your Dr. will advise you) treating the symptoms, (INTENSE itching) and treating the environment, such as disinfection (heat and chemical) of all bedding, towels, clothes, etc. in hot (120o water) Even things like combs, brushes, hairclips, etc. should be disinfected. "KleenKill" an enzyme solution and Borax are two products I know to be very effective in this process. It can be a very tiring, vicious cycle. Everyone in your family, pets included, should be treated at the same time. But, as you apparently have already done, TALK TO YOUR DR. AND YOUR VET ABOUT TREATMENT!! There are also many supportive and informative websites for those who suffer from this pesky, "pesty" problem!!! Good Luck to you and the Pup. Sandra

10-29-2000, 10:02 PM
thanks for the info!tatsxxx11