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09-08-2000, 01:13 PM
All the dogs my family has had have loved children. My Dad's dog, a Saint Bernard, particularly loves little girls, 3-5 years old. She will run over to them, and flop down tummy up so they can scratch her belly, and generally love her, sit or her, fuss over her, etc. Anybody else's dog do this?

09-08-2000, 04:53 PM
My Chocolate Lab, Bailey also LOVES kids. As a matter of fact, she is a therapy dog and she has visited both at the Children's hospital and at a senior's home. She also loves tummy rubs! My Black Lab, Heidi, also really loves kids, but she is a powerhouse, and in her excitement to see them she has knocked over one ot two neighborhood kids...oops! We'll wait until she settles down some before allowing her near sick kids!

09-13-2000, 11:24 AM
A year and a half ago my niece had a baby girl. She was very concerned about how her dog would react when they brought the baby home because the dog was so attached to my niece. Well, they had nothing to worry about. The minute the baby came home the dog, a large mutt with mainly German shepherd in her lineage, decided she was the caretaker of this new addition to the family. She started to sleep under the baby's crib and if the baby cried and the parents were in another room, she would go to fetch them, to let them know there was something wrong.
When the baby started to walk, the dog helped her, and to this day they are the most loving companions, to the point that if the dog is not close by, Samantha becomes cranky. I think this is a marvelous relationship that will shape my great-nice's view of animals, particularly dogs, for the rest of her life.

09-14-2000, 08:08 AM
I have an Aussie & a Border Collie. They are SO protective of my 1 and 3 year old grandkids. The B/C also thinks it's his job to keep them clean - he will lick them until they cry! Being herding dogs, they love to herd the kids around the yard too. Both kids crawl all over both dogs and the dogs love it. Have taught both kids from an early age to respect the dogs, and vice-versa. It is amazing to watch them interact.

09-14-2000, 08:33 PM
Hey Albea - you niece's story reminds me of a story from my childhood. My family got our first dog when I was less than two. She was an adult German Shepherd mix that had "followed my cousin home." My parents were a little concerned about the dog and my relationship, I being pretty uncivilized at that age, but Sheba was a gem. Not only did she put up with my inadvertent torture, she became the protector of all three of us kids, and me in particular. Not long after we got her, my family was visiting that same Aunt. My mother put me on Aunt Dotty's bed to nap, and when Aunt Dotty tried to go in later to check on me, there was Sheba, lying across the doorway. As soon as Aunt Dotty got close she growled - and would not let her near me! My mother had to go with her, and tell Sheba it was okay! So much for my parents worries!

09-16-2000, 07:21 AM
When my neice was about 2 yrs old I had a little doberman mix. The 1st time Sara came to visit for the night, "Bob" positioned himself on the bed with his chin on her legs. She was very restless in bed and everytime she moved "Bob" got up and respositioned himself-again with his chin on her legs. He didn't leave until I dragged him away about 2am.

10-11-2000, 03:56 PM
loved your dog and kid stories. My mother likes to tell everyone about me as a child, especially when I am overheard saying things like, "How many times have told you to ask the owner before you touch a dog?" to my own children ( my son has an almost uncanny link with dogs, cats, horses and birds). She will tell anyone who listens how, at the age of three I insisted we go into the local pet shop to look at the animals. This sort of thing was embarrassing to my mother as she is slightly afraid of animals, but intensly dislikes caged animals. On this occasion she relented and I was allowed in. The owner of the shop asked if any assistance was needed as soon as we entered and my poor mother, an honest woman, tried to explain without causing offence that it was only the whim of her three year old daughter that brought her to last place on the planet she would choose to be. Add to this the fact that we had recently moved to Cornwall from the outskirts of Glasgow and the two parties involved could barely understand each other and you will see that this took some time!
The shop owner was a kindly soul and took pity but warned my mother to keep me away from her St. Bernard who had given birth to a litter of pups behind the counter two days before. My mother reached for my hand at this point, only to find me gone.
A search by both women found me lying against the back of said bitch watching as her four new puppies suckled!
Again the shop owner took pity and supplied my mother with a large brandy!!

karen israel
10-12-2000, 08:38 AM
Great stories! It's amazing that even at a young age you have that "pet" attraction. I too, used to pull my parents into every pet store we passed and wound up crying because I didn't get a dog. Never played with dolls, altho I had every kind every made, always had stuffed dogs (still have them carefully put away.)It was worth the wait for my big, loveable, kissable boy! And I still stop to pet every dog (w/owner)that I see and STILL go into pet stores and the shelters to bring biscuits, blankets and towels. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

10-12-2000, 06:46 PM
i have seven dogs and one 4 month old son who the all protect they are all really good with him with the exeption of my 2 month old puppy but i a sure she will get used to him

karen israel
10-13-2000, 06:54 AM
BARKMEOW! All I can say is WOW! God Bless You!! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif