View Full Version : snake bite..

07-20-2000, 03:47 AM
has anyone ever seen what a copperhead bite can do to a dog ?? last month my mixed breed dog, mcgwire was outside..when she came in she would not hold her head up..at first i did not know what was wrong with her..thinking she had injured her neck somehow or something..she then went to the upstairs bedroom and got on the bed..i followed her and as i approached the bed she just started shaking.. in a matter of minutes i put it together as to what might of happen and phoned the vet.. i told them i THOUGHT she might of gotten bit by a snake..and was told to get her in there..we live rural,about 30 minutes to the vet.. when i got her in the car just the bridge of her nose was starting to swell some.. by the time we reached the animal hospital(about 30 minutes) and i went to get her out of the car she looked like a pumpkin head.. the swelling was unbelievable...the vet gave her a HUGE injection, right in the vein and an antibiotic shot..it took until the next morning before she looked almost normal again..and about 5 weeks until she started acting like her old self again...the vet said for it to swell that fast, and that much, that it had to have been a copperhead......