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07-11-2000, 05:36 AM
I want to get two new black Labrador puppies. However, I first want to find out as much as possible on the breeed. Does anyone know about any websites I can visit or know about anyone I can contact?Thanx.

Abby's Mom
07-14-2000, 09:01 AM
My advice: talk to Lab owners. While we are devoted to our Labbies, I think most of us would be honest about what to expect. I had always wanted a black Lab, but before I decided to buy one, I did an extensive search on the web about Labs, talked to Lab owners, etc. I would also recommend joining a few Labs-only e-mail lists or message boards. Read the posts (old ones as well as the current ones) to get a feel for the problems and the joys Lab owners face. Ask them questions. Research the web. Go to any good search engine and type in Labrador Retriever. There are a lot of very helpful sites out there. Here's a good place to start: http://www.k9web.com/breeds/l/labrador/ (but I would NOT restrict my research to just this one web site, if I were you). Check with your vet, especially concerning potential health issues.

Personally, I can tell you that Labs are very high energy dogs. Labs have a LONG puppy-hood. They don't mature physically or emotionally until at least 2 years of age; I know people whose Labs didn't calm down until they were 5! However, Labs are so loving, so intelligent, so adaptable, so gentle, so eager to please, and so sweet that I would never have another breed of dog.

I'm sorry this is so long ... and I have only touched the surface, I'm afraid. Good luck in your research. And if you determine that a Lab is the dog for you, good luck with your Labby.


07-14-2000, 03:05 PM
I forwarded the link for this thread to my brother, owner of Lady - an almost year old? not sure Lab mix. She is much loved, but still a puppy, much to the cats' dismay! This is also his wife's first experience owning a dog, too! He wrote:
2 Lab puppies at once? First they need to go to a shrink. Then they need to armor plate everything in their house and their yard. Then we should invite them to come visit lady....If that doesn't convince them of the folly of their ways, they're on their own. VBG http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/wink.gif

Abby's Mom
07-15-2000, 02:51 PM
Thanks, Karen, I forgot to mention that. As much as I love my Abby the Labby, I certainly wouldn't want to have 2 Lab puppies at the same time! I would like to add a second Lab, but I certainly will wait until Abby has matured and calmed down. I would not advise against a Lab by any means, but I certainly would want to caution anyone who's thinking about getting a Lab, lest he/she see one of those adult "couch potato" labs and think that's what they're going to get from day one! Lab puppies ARE a handful, but worth it in my opinion.

Kathy and Abby

07-20-2000, 10:02 AM
I had never owned inside dogs for 40+ years. My husband had accumulated strays but they were always relegated to be outside dogs. When that last died (a St. Bernard/Shepherd mix whose sheer size intimidated me)I finally relented and decided that I would "allow" a dog in my house. What a shame that it took me so long! I can't believe what I have missed up until now. We started with a yellow lab (only after I also did a lot of investigating). I had always been afraid of dogs and wanted a breed that had a good track record and were considered gentle. Well, we got that and more. Gulliver turned 3 last month. We got Cleo, our black lab, when Gulliver was 9 months. They are different as nite and day and both so special in their own way. Yes, they are still puppies. They do require a lot of exercise and we track about 25 miles each week together. But they are my best buddies and little shadows, always happy to see me and always eager to please! (Will someone tell me how to train dogs not to eat the toilet paper? Gulliver is a bit more high strung!) Anyway, before you consider 2 labs, be sure that you are ready to make the commitment to them. They deserve your time and your energy but what boundless joy they give in return. At mid-40, I find myself fantasizing about working in a vet's office and can't believe I missed so much! Good luck with your new puppies!

07-30-2000, 04:40 AM
My aunt has two labs-one yellow and one black...they are really darlings..though they may be very energetic, they give lots of love and laugh in return. I for one is also considering having my own yellow lab...this would be my dream come true. Good luck to your labs! I'm sure it will be worth all your time. =)


08-03-2000, 11:45 AM
Try going to www.akc.org. (http://www.akc.org.) That will give you information on any dog that is recognized by AKC. Obviously, Labrador Retrievers are recognized because they are the most popular breed of dog in the US! Really! Labs are very sweet , and did I mension smart!? Last night on RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT there was a Lab who was doiing math! No tricks! I hope I have helped.