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07-08-2000, 06:54 PM
I have two puppies, one is a 7 mo Shepard Terrier mix (atleast that's what the card said at the SPCA) my second is a 4 mo Shepard Huskey mix. I understand that the youngest is still learning about the ways of the house...my oldest however we've been trying to train for five months. I've read a lot of literature on the house-training topic...but nothing ever really said the average time it took. I'm not so impatient as I am curious. If anyone has an idea about how long it would take them to learn to "go" outside it would be a great help.


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07-08-2000, 08:13 PM
I house trained Baxter using the cage method. It was very effective. He was in his cage when I was at work or just generally away from home or sleeping. As soon as I would get back home, I would immediately let him out, leash him, and take him outside. He learned to not mess in his cage, because he had to sleep there. And he also learned to go to the door when he wanted to go out. He can now sleep in my bed with me, and he doesn't mess in the house if he wakes up and I don't. It takes a while, but this is the best way. Make sure you watch your dogs closely when they are lose in the house. You could also try child gates to keep your dogs in one area of the house so they are not able to mess in other areas of the house (like when they wander off).

07-28-2000, 04:02 PM
I will agree with the most recent reply, we trained our dog Nikko (Siberian Husky) male, 2 1/2 years old by cage also. I believe it is the most effective way. Dogs treat the cage more like a den, they don't want to mess in the place they feel safe and secure. We also trained him to stay in the kitchen area, so when he does need to "go", he just stands by the sliding glass door to "go" outside. Works like a charm.

I'm not going to say we didn't have our little "messes" in the beginning.......it just takes some time.

Good luck.