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04-22-2003, 05:42 AM
well, yesterday was the first day I took Malone to work because we are getting some interior painting done all this week. I took his big crate so that I can actually get some work done. He did really well & I just hope that the rest of this week goes like that!! he didn't howl or bark much just a couple of times when he heard strange noises. Alot of my customers wanted to pet him and it proved interesting conversation as I got to hear all about their dogs, too. ;)

The hardest part is getting him to go potty in the middle of the day. We have *no* grass around the building, and it's embarrassing to go to someone else's lawn and stand in one spot until he goes. :eek: If they looked out the window, they would be like "That lady is trying to make her dog poop on MY lawn...what does she have against me??:eek:" But in reality, I'm just trying to make him pee, which I couldn't get him to do. He held it in 'til we got home and THEN he peed...alot. So I dunno, and today we'll try again.

I'll be *so* glad when this painting is done!! I can't let Malone roam around the house, and he's pretty much confined to the kitchen. He's not too happy about this because he wants to be with us. Last night he just wouldn't settle down. we were sleeping downstairs in the guest room, and he didn't like this at all...kept pacing and circling. I finally put him in his little crate and he settled down after this. *Sigh* I hate chaos!!! :rolleyes:

04-22-2003, 06:59 AM
Glad to hear that Malone's first day at work went well. I am sure the rest of the week will be the same. Has he been promoted to office manager yet? My cousin works at a law firm and they have a lil Yorkie in the office that leaves every night with one of the associate. Charlie the Yorkie is the office manager! He!He!He!

04-22-2003, 07:26 AM
Bet it's kinda nice having your boy with you isn't it:)
Glad to hear that he's being good. I can't imagine that he won't pee, Angus would go just about anywhere! Tell him good luck in trying to find a good place today:p

I bet he is just as excited as you to have all this painting done so everything will be back to normal again!

04-22-2003, 07:32 AM
I surely hope you are paying him!

Sounds like Malone needs to go to work with you from time to time! I would love to have him come to my work place. Whatta guy that Malone doggie is............and so healthy looking too!

I painted my own house interior a couple of winter's ago, and boy, what a mess, for months! I did it room by room and it took from November through April, to finish! I also had my two new cats....trying to climb ladders etc.

Surely hope your home pulls together soon, for mental health reasons mostly!

We would love to see a pic of Malone and you at work! Hint, hint.