View Full Version : Canadian animal website,breeder of birds and gliders

04-15-2003, 02:20 PM
hi everyone i thot i would just post my websites here in this section so some of u can get to know me and incase anyone is interested in what i have.
i am a hobbyist breeder of small birds such as several mutations of Peachfaced and Masked lovebirds and reg colour parrotlets too.We have some of each available in babies right now for excellent prices.
We also breed sugargliders but usually i have a waiting list going as they are in high demand,they require alot of special care and are not for everyone but for the right ppl make the most amazing pets ever. I am happy to take names for my waiting list at any time.
ok so here are my websites. the main one has pics and details about my pets and breeders and available page and a bunch of links for animals too,even a vet listing.
the other two are chat type groups,canadian based.