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04-08-2003, 10:19 PM
This is a note from one of our members in the community and I thought you would like to read it, so many people doing so much to help the troops.

This is a letter from my sister in law, her son is the Marine that I sent his troop to you all for the " adopt a soldier" I am afraid she forgot to add "for the love of dogs" in her Thank you's. This was only an oversight.
And I too, would like to thank those who sent letters and packages to our soldiers.
Below is her letter:

Dear Family and Friends:
I still have not heard from Jon at all although I did finally find an article that specifically mentions his battalion. His regiment, (11th Marines) and even more specifically, his battalion, (1st battalion) was in As Shatra, Iraq involved in a battle on March 28, 2003. There were no major injuries among American troops. The article stated they were on their way north toward Baghdad.

I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. I am just so thankful on behalf of Jon's unit. I just don't know where to begin.

Melissa and Dan Solomon and their children, Reagan 15, Cale and Cory both 10 (yes twins!!) AND their extended family and church has been hard at work for our troops. Yes, indeed, Melissa, Dan and the children AND her church, Grace Community Church in Grapeland, Texas has managed to send every single Marine in Jon's platoon a care package and at least one letter!!! Melissa's sister, Rebecca Huff has a prayer group praying for Jon's platoon. Melissa's Mother, Janelle Button teaches six grade History and Social Studies at Rasco Middle School in Lake Jackson, Texas. Her students are so excited about supporting Jon's unit--they have been writing to the Marines. Dan's Mother, Hazel Solomon, has called and also has prayer groups going in Temple, Texas. I cannot thank these people enough. Jon and his unit are probably just as overwhelmed as I am. Praise the Lord for people like this. These people are a fine example of true Americans who deserve the freedom that our troops fight for. Maybe the Iraqis will know this feeling of warmth in the future.

Rodney and Gina Matejowsky have sent packages and Gina has started a prayer group for Jon's unit with her Schnauzerworld Dog Club!!!!!! Gina has also added Jon's unit to "adopt a soldier" at Operationshoebox.com. Rodney was quick to send a package to Jon since he served many years in the US Navy during Viet Nam and knew how important it was. I believe he sent one before I did!!! Thank you Rodney and Gina.

Amy Ratcliff and her coworkers at J.H. Rich and Co. in Mobile, Alabama have also sent a large care package to Jon and his unit!! Thank you John, Amy and Talia, and everyone at J.H. Rich.

Danny Castro and Dittmar Recreation Center of the Austin Parks and Recreation Center has sent Jon a James Avery St. Christopher. Danny has contacted us to offer his prayers and support and has been writing Jon.

I want to thank the following people and Churches for their prayers. Kellie and Curt Raymond at Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, Grace Cuellar and Maria Balandran at San Jose Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, Tammy and Rick Jennings and their Church in Austin, Texas, Freida and Harold Thompson and their Church in Biloxi, Mississippi, B.J. and Missy Solomon of Johnson City, Texas, Birdie Eskew and her Church in Austin, Texas, Steven and Jenny Eskew of Buda, Texas, Susan and Rick Russell of Flower Mound, Texas, Betty Berry and Howard Davis and their Church of Webberville, Texas, Keith Miller and Nancy Moses of Manchaca, Texas, Mitch and Sonja Harris of Forney, Texas (Mitch and Sonja also have children in Operation Iraqi Freedom), Randy and Karen Harris of Forney, Texas (Randy and Karen's son just graduated Westpoint and his unit, the Great 4th Infantry Division will be in Iraq soon), Col. James Lamar, Ret. USAF, and Judy and their Church in Austin, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blevins of Austin, Texas, Tom (US Army, Ret.) and Wanda Stubblefield of San Antonio, Texas, Kathy, John and J.J. Bagley and their Church in Lockhart, Texas, Sheila and Larry Schultz of New Braunfels, Texas, Ken and Johnnie Fletcher of New Braunfels, Texas, Vicki and Mike Meckler of New Braunfels, Texas, Teresa and Mike Rheen of San Antonio, Texas, Ray and Julie Solomon of Ellinger, Texas, Kathy Leach of Austin, Texas, Jim Leach of San Antonio, Texas, Aida Devore of Austin, Texas, Wendy Hogan of Austin, Texas, Sam and Debbie Eskew of Austin, Texas, Scarlet Hudson of Brenham Texas, Ashlee Woten of Dripping Springs, Texas, Wayde Wilson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Brian Bertelson of Buda, Texas, Steve Carter and many coworkers of Dave's at Halliburton, H.E.B.-Austin, Texas.

Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. I have tried to get track of all phone calls and correspondence from everyone. I am just so grateful to you all. On and behalf of the 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, of the United States Marine Corps, Thank you and Semper Fi!!!

I will send another update immediately when I hear from Jon. It has been six weeks and I certainly hope to hear something soon. The mail IS getting through, so we can keep writing. I checked with Camp Pendleton and they said mail and packages are getting through the supply lines, slowly but surely.

Thank you again,
Love and Prayers
Shea and Dave

04-08-2003, 10:27 PM
Thats nice...thanks for sharing...

04-09-2003, 09:26 AM
Thanks Jackie!! That's an awesome display! I hope her son is able to contact her soon!