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03-29-2003, 10:37 PM
its been brought to my notice i have been posting stuff about lexie in the doghouse dur..... i did not even notice.
anyhows lexie if fine , it seems her eye has improved, looks heaps better and is not weeping, i do think she may have run into something rather than an eye infection i guess time will tell.
for those of you who did not read my thread in doghouse, apparently lexie has been at cats league for 2 mths and she had escaped for two days, and then came back, they left the door open by accident, thanks goodness so her real mum could come and get her me of course., she had been at the shopping malls for adoption but was not taken as it was xmas time and there is not much success, she had been dumped and turned up at someones houses miaowing and they took her to the cats protection league as they could not keep her, so just as well or i would have missed out.
she has been outside on leash and enjoyed it, and yesterday and today outside with no leash, she has not ventured to far thank goodness, its nerve racking though as i am scared she goes away, left the ranchsliders wide open and she just stayed inside.
well thats all for now folks.

03-29-2003, 11:22 PM
Im glad Lexie is ok.Its good that her eye is getting better.Its very good that no one at the shopping malls adopted her!