View Full Version : Housing two different kids of birds.?.

03-29-2003, 09:25 PM
I have a cockatiel and a budgy housed together. lately I have notest that Cheeko (my cockatiel) has been very aggressive toward Spanky(my budgy).

They have been housed together for almost 6 months with no problems. Why are they acting out now?

Cheeko (my cockatiel) mate died last year and he would scream to high heavens without a cage mate, so we got him a budgy as a friend. They are both males. could that be a factor?

They only get into little squabbles when Cheeko will be eating and, Spanky will want to as well right beside him, and then Cheeko will get mad. Spanky has his own food bowl with BUDGY food and Cheeko has his own food bowl to with Cockatiel food in it. Spanky Just likes to be right next to Cheekp ALL the time.

Could Spanky be going through sexual maturity? I got him when he was just a baby.

Please help. Thanks.:confused: