View Full Version : concerns about Cheekos diet?

03-24-2003, 08:08 PM
It consists of:

Sunflower seeds, White millet oat groats,
Whole oats,
canary grass seed,
Red millet,
Calcium carbonate,
Orange oil,
Vitamin "A" Acetate,
Vitamin "A" Palmitate,
Vitamin "D3" Supplement,
Vitamin "E" Supplement,
Manganous oxide,
Zinc oxide,
Ferrous carbonate,
Copper Sulfate,
Sodium Selenite,
and Calcium Iodate.

On the beg it says to offer fresh friuts and green foods everyday in a seperate bowl or dish.

I always have a dish of brocoli (sp?) in my birds cage.

I always feed my budy seperate Budgy food with no sun flower seeds.

Is this a good diet to be feeding my cockatiel? Any suggestions? Thanks :)
:D :D