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03-21-2003, 07:39 PM
Is any one else slightly offended by this site?

Before posting the link I want to state that I DID NOT view all the pages but from the few I did view, it appears that none contain any gross/sickening pictures. Some of the "stupid" animals just have a massive case of bed-head and others are like the bunny pictured below.

The link is:
Stupid Animals (http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/r.html)
(And it doesn't contain just bunnies; there are pages & pages of dogs, cats, bunnies, "monkey things," and "MISC things.")

There are some cuties like this...

Is she considered stupid because she's handicapped?! :mad: :mad:

Like I stated earlier, the pics are really cute but as a pet lover/owner, I don't like animals to be associated with the word "stupid." :mad:

03-21-2003, 07:42 PM
That's terrible! Why would anyone call them stupid?!?! :mad:

03-21-2003, 07:45 PM
Okay, not to get off topic, but what exactly is this? Some sort of anteater?


03-21-2003, 07:47 PM
How the heck is this stupid?!?!?!?!!


Maybe the owners just named the website what they are [stupid] and added animals. Or atleast that's the only resonable explanation.

03-21-2003, 07:56 PM
None of those animals were stupid. I think it's the people who are stupid. It is so sad that some people have such distasteful humor to create a site like that. :(

And I noticed that most of the cats on the cat page were Persians. Persians are lovely cats and are not stupid.

03-21-2003, 08:10 PM
I'm disturbed!! All those pics are actually quite cute. I wonder why they call it that particular name??

03-21-2003, 08:16 PM
i can't even go to that site...:mad: :mad: :mad: I'm already too pis#@ed off. there is no excuse for stupidity...I can not abide rudeness.....arghh, i best get shut up before i get in trouble (again)

03-21-2003, 08:42 PM
Eh....Everyone's entitled to their own oipnions. If the creator of the site thought the animals were stupid, well then....We can't change their views.

It's simple....if you don't like it don't go there.

03-21-2003, 08:54 PM
How can they call these "stupid"??? I enjoyed looking at all the pictures because they were sooo cute!! Look at this one:


03-21-2003, 10:40 PM
I don't like that site at all, those pictures are not stupid! How can anyone say they are stupid animals? If anything, whoever put the site together are the ones who are stupid!:mad: :mad: :mad:

03-21-2003, 10:49 PM
OMG!! That`s sooooo mean! Why would N E one think those are stupid?

This isn`t stupid


or anything else on there.

Desert Arabian
03-21-2003, 11:13 PM
Originally posted by wolfsoul
Okay, not to get off topic, but what exactly is this? Some sort of anteater?


I believe that is an Aardvark. They are simular to the anteater. This is what an adult Aardvark looks like:

03-22-2003, 02:29 AM
That's not real. You can tell by the shape of the body. Look at how large the front feet are.....I have seen several ardwark and none that had that body type.

03-22-2003, 03:16 AM
I'll tell you what's stupid..........that website.......NOT the animals...

The people who made it are a bunch of morons. And apparently they have something against abundantly furry animals. :rolleyes:

03-22-2003, 04:50 AM
The people who made this site are screaming to the world how ignorant they are! There are of course no such thing as stupid animals!! We can only hope they'll grow up and learn!

03-22-2003, 04:54 AM
Maybe they just meant that they were "silly" not necessarily "stupid." Not everyone is passionate about animals. As long as they're not out hurting or abusing them, why should I care?:rolleyes:

03-22-2003, 06:16 AM
That's a terrible website!Animals are not stupid and why are they making fun of handicapped ones?!thats like making fun of someone in a wheelchair!I think the wording of "stupid"was pretty wrong and maybe they really did mean silly.I think they should have reworded it thoough.

03-22-2003, 06:47 AM
There is no such thing as stupid animals...only stupid people. Like the idiots that set up the website. DUH!!!

I also took offense at the handicapped bunny, also referring to it as "stupid". Why? Well, MooShoo is handicapped. He's blind in his right eye and has very limited vision in his left, thanks to his negligent BREEDER :mad:. Does that stop him? Hell no! He tears through the apartment like a herd of buffalo. Hasn't run into any walls yet :D

Like WolfChan said, if you don't like it, don't go there.

03-22-2003, 08:36 AM
some of them sure are funny:D http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/c/032.jpg http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/d/158.jpg
This is my personal favorite, not stupid at all:) http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/d/t/059.jpg

03-22-2003, 11:23 AM
This site is hurting me more than anything:( :eek: ! How can people make this:mad: :mad: !
I am a very loving & caring person, and I hate insulting people, but this time, it comes from the bottom of my heart :

To the owners of this stupid site: GO TO HELL, I wish you are burnt there alive !!!

Oh my, how can animals ever be called "stupid" :mad: :mad: .
This truly made me cry.......

03-22-2003, 12:48 PM
Originally posted by YellowLabLover

I believe that is an Aardvark. They are simular to the anteater. This is what an adult Aardvark looks like:
Ohh like Arthur! :p

Desert Arabian
03-22-2003, 10:00 PM
Originally posted by luckies4me
That's not real. You can tell by the shape of the body. Look at how large the front feet are.....I have seen several ardwark and none that had that body type.

Luckies...that is what a baby Aardvark looks like. It is real. Here is a sight with Aardvark pictures, the one in the top row on the right is a baby-it looks just like the other fake one. !!Click Here!! (http://members.shaw.ca/e.aardvark/aardvark/gallery.html)

I think the Aardvarks are cute!!! And yes, I find that website a little disturbing, but it sure does have some really cute pictures! ;) :p

03-22-2003, 10:49 PM
I thought the pictures were cute. But the site has a stupid name. should be called cutie animals :) :) :)

03-23-2003, 11:00 AM
Poor choice of a name for the animal site. They are cute happy looking animals and doubt that the web site owner meant anything mean at all. Just a slang phrase. I wouldn't get too worked up over it.

03-23-2003, 07:45 PM

I happened upon that site once when searching for animal
pictures. I wasn't so much disturbed as I was puzzled. It's a
prime example of adolescent behavior.The site is just dumb.

03-24-2003, 06:57 PM

I think puzzled is the better word choice. I really enjoyed the cute pics --just couldn't stand the name!

I think Naomi emailed them to find out why they named it what they did. I'll have to see if she's heard anything from them.

03-24-2003, 08:54 PM
I did email them! But they haven't written back :) I was more puzzled too. I was disturbed by the pics of handicapped animals and the connection to stupid.. that's not cool at all.

I'll let you know if they write me back.

03-26-2003, 12:27 AM
Ok.. the people at stupid animals have written back to me. I'll post you the entire correspondance here :)

----- Original Message -----

From: Naomi
To: [email protected]
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 9:18 AM
Subject: question

Iím curious why you call all the animals on your site stupid? None of them are stupid Ė most of the pics are quite cute. Whatís your reasoning for calling them names?

-----Original Message-----
From: Stupid Animals [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: March 25, 2003 11:29 AM
To: Naomi
Subject: Re: question

we've had plenty of quarrel with people not agreeing that the animals on the site are stupid.

they way i see it, some of the funniest animals on the site are made to look ridiculous by their owners. see animals in dressed and wheelchairs.

also, look in their eyes and try and imagine what they're thinking. ace.



----- Original Message -----
From: Naomi
To: 'Stupid Animals'
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 9:42 PM
Subject: RE: question

Thanks for answering. Iím still not clear though. If itís the owners that make the animals look stupid, when why isnít the site named stupid pet owners? I agree that sometimes animals who are dressed up look silly and somewhat humiliated, but the ones in wheelchairs?? Thatís not ridiculous at all. Thatís letting an animal that would normally be bedridden have a chance at mobility. Perhaps we have a different definition of ďstupid.Ē I donít doubt that you like animals.. Iíve seen your links and it seems like you are an animal advocate. However, not all your pictures are of animals in clothes. Do you define stupid as funny? Because if you do, then that makes sense. Some of the pictures are hilarious! Some are also very cute, and some are very sad (ie the EXTREMELY overweight animals). What is the message you are trying to convey with your site name?

Hope to hear from you soon,


and the last response, 5:30 today:
i suppose by 'stupid' i do indeed mean funny. but a special kind of funny.. not the lame 'dog in shades in a hammock' kind of funny, but a more ridiculous funny. i'm not making any judgement on the IQ of any of the animals. i'm sure most of them are more intelligent than a lot of people i know.

by labelling the animals (or 'my pretties') as stupid, i guess i'm offloading my contempt for sites such as this> http://www.cutestuf.com/animals.html. i can't quite put my finger on why i hate such sites, but i think a lot of it has to do with the use of [crap] captions.

stupid.. ridiculous.. funny.. i think most if it is the idea that the animal has no control over how ridiculous it looks ( http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/d/003.html ), or that it appears to be almost proud of how fruity it looks ( http://www.stupidanimals.co.uk/d/022.html ).

i do like animals, but i do also get quite a lot of satisfaction from winding up those strange animal lovers who seem to be just a little bit too upset at the website. the same people who write odd messages on the stupid animals guestbook.


EDIT: That cutestuff webpage doesn't work, so I'm not really sure what this person is referring to. Even with the extra 'f' it doesn't go to an animals site. Oh well :)

03-26-2003, 12:46 AM
Thanks for posting that Nomilynn!

I still disagree with the 'wheelchair' comments but the rest is much more clear!

03-26-2003, 09:54 PM
You are so right...this website is OK, but in some ways I find it to be degrading to animals. I cannot see what could possibly be funny about the little rabbit or the little black and white kitty who are alive and well due to the invention of the cart with wheels that allows them to have mobility!!

I think that the potential is here to show animals in a bad light. Especially the case in regard to obese animals. Let's face it, most animals are obese because their nutritional needs are not being met by their owners!

Thank you for bringing this to our
attention...regards from Deborah in Montreal

03-29-2003, 10:06 AM
I was going to take a look, and every link I tried returned the message: "Forbidden: ... you can't access this page... "(not the actual words, but close enough). Did we get them to remove or change their name?

03-29-2003, 11:39 AM
Also all of the pictures everyone posted from that site is gone too:confused:
Something must have happened.