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Anakins mom
03-20-2003, 07:12 PM
Found this today:

NetPets Foster Program for Military Pets (http://www.netpets.org/netp/foster.php#fosthome)

There is an online application for those in need of foster care for their pets and a link for those interested in fostering a pet for someone in the military.

Anakins mom
03-21-2003, 02:17 PM
*Bump* Just in case this is needed.

Anakins mom
03-24-2003, 03:40 PM
Hi all,

I had a very nice 45+ minute conversation with Steve the founder & owner of NetPets.

Here is the short scoop.
The military foster program that he started on September 19, 2001 is the only program approved by all the branches of the military.

As a direct result of the program pets that were once considered 'property' by the military (Hence 'disposable'.) have now be reclassified as 'family members'.

The whole program is run by Steve. He is getting at the least 20 e-mail requests per minute and at the most 60 e-mail requests per minute! The average is 45 e-mail requests per minute...and that is just for dogs! (These are just the requests for foster homes!)

Steve had one volunteer and she had an illness in the family and has not returned. Because of militray security Steve has to handle all requests 'by hand'.

Steve's program handles dogs. I forgot to ask about the program for birds. The link on his site to the Feline Rescue is not run by him...when you sign up with The Feline Rescue you are working with them.

Here is what you need to put in an e-mail when you volunteer to foster: In the subject line you need to put your states initials, then: Foster Home Application. Each potential foster home must provide two personal references and their veterinarian's name and phone number.

(Home visits are arranged, whenever possible.

Steve just did an interview with Animal Planet Radio this past weekend. He will be on quite a few shows in the near future. Due to the high volume of home placements needed Steve has not been able to update the news articles on his website and many other areas of his NetPets. His main focus right now is getting as many military owned pets into foster homes as possible.

He welcomes help and contact with rescues.

If you have contacted NetPets to volunteer as a foster home, please be patient. Steve will get to you as soon as he can.

The most important piece of information I can pass on at this time is this: If you live in the North Myrtle Beach area please consider volunteering your time and help. Steve's contact information is at this page on the NetPets site:
NetPets Contact Information (http://www.netpets.org/contact.html)