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03-08-2003, 09:44 PM
When you where little what where your funny words or sentances?!? My first sentance was

"Uppies go Owww Owww"
Translation: Kittys go meow meow.

I still have wierd words-
Pood-poodle or old lady
Tids-The name Ozzy Memow and Peppy when there all togather
UTE!- Cute!
Cd racks-Rib cage
veiner- dachshund
Ghetto Ted- Amanda(my nieghbors dog Teddy)

**Me and Amanda are weird somtimes, but hey who says thats a bad thing?

smokey the elder
03-09-2003, 08:46 AM
A long time ago I lived in an apartment. It was Halloween and a man came to the door with his tiny (maybe 2 year old) son. Moby was on the back of the couch. He looked up and pointed and said, "Itty!" It took a while to figure out what he meant. Then I picked up Moby and held her so she could pet him. To this day one of her nicknames is 'itty. She's not so "itty" now!:D