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02-19-2003, 05:31 PM
Hi everyone! The stray cat that I've been caring for since I moved into our little home down in Gilroy, California has finally found a home!! Yay! I'm so happy about it. I have been wanting to take her myself, but the hubby won't stand for that, and our house is just too small for more than 2 cats. If Scooter didn't have his behavioral problem, we probably would have considered it, but it's just to much. So, needless to say, I bought her a nice covered house from PetCo. to keep dry in, with a fleece bed and everything! I was able to get her into my vet under the stray/feral program about a year ago, so at least I know she's fixed. Bless her little kitty heart! I know she had to have been someone's pet at one time, and it always breaks my heart not to let her inside.

So, finally, she will have a home!! Some friends of mine brought one of their friends(Elena) down a few weekends ago, and their friend just fell in love the Crookshanks. After re-negotiating her lease this past week, she is able to have a cat! I'm so happy. I sure hope everything goes well for Crookshanks and her new meowmie! I'm sure there will be quite a few adjustments and all, but I really do think Crookshanks will settle nicely into being a "housecat"! :D So, Elena is coming Saturday morning to collect Crookshanks. I'm sure I'll feel a little sad not having her around, but I'm happy that she'll be in a nice warm and loving home where she deserves to be! :D

Edwina's Secretary
02-19-2003, 05:35 PM

Is her name going to remain Crookshanks???? (It is such a cute name!)

02-19-2003, 05:45 PM

Great job!!!! I just hope that the lease "negotiations" included a pet deposit and NOTa declaw clause. I hope they give her all the love and kitty treats she deserves.

02-19-2003, 06:29 PM
Karen this is just wonderful news!! I'm so happy for you! This way you might even be able to sort of keep tabs on the little cutie since she's going to live with a friend of a friend. I am curious too about her name. I think it's just adorable and hope they keep it. Hooray for Karen and hooray for Crookshanks! I know you will miss her but she's finally got a forever home and that is just terrific! :)

02-19-2003, 06:54 PM
such wonderful news.

02-19-2003, 07:17 PM
Yipeeee! Will you have visitation rights???

smokey the elder
02-20-2003, 07:41 AM
That's great! She's a pretty girl.

Tubby & Peanut's Mom
02-20-2003, 10:21 AM
Yippiieee!!! I'm so happy for you and Crookshanks. I know you've wanted a good home for her, and now it looks like she's found it.

Thanks for the wonderful news! :) And I too like the name Crookshanks - kinda sounds like she belongs on a pirate ship. ;) :)

02-20-2003, 08:01 PM
I'm so glad to hear that this pretty little kitty will have a
loving indoor home. She deserves it. I think she should have
a pretty girly name. With those beautiful green eyes & long
whiskers.:) I'd call her Cookie.:D :D Congrats little one!!!

Congrats Karen, on a job well done.:) :) :)

smokey the elder
02-21-2003, 07:02 AM
Crookshanks is also Hermione Granger's orange familiar cat in the third Harry Potter book.:)

02-21-2003, 11:22 AM
Love the name Crookshanks! :D

She's adorable and I'm so happy she now has a home. :D

02-21-2003, 11:30 AM
Oh, I just LOVE happy endings! :) Congratulations to Crookshanks and her new human! :) :) :) :)

02-21-2003, 07:34 PM
Thank you everyone! :D It's nice to have a little bit of good news on the boards amidst all the sadness of late.

I will be taking Crookshanks to her new home tomorrow morning!! I figure that would be less stress on her than having Elena coming down to get her. I really hope that everything works out for them. I did tell Elena that if for some reason it doesn't work out, to let me know and I would take her back. But, hopefully Crookshanks will settle into the housecat life nicely!

I have a feeling that she will be changing Crookshanks's name (possibly to Sophie), but at least I will have "visitation rights", so it will be neat to see her transition. I'll be sure to get some pics after she has settled into her new home!

I'll be sure to let you all know how the "move" goes tomorrow!! Thanks so much for the support and kind words! :D Ya'll are the best! :D


02-22-2003, 09:03 PM
That's great news. I'm so glad that she found a new home. :)

02-23-2003, 06:35 AM
Karen, how did it go yesterday? Is Elena going to keep in touch with you? I hope so. We'd all like to know how little Crookshanks adapts to her new life as a spoiled little inside kitty. Oh this is such a happy story after so much sadness recently at Pet Talk. :)

02-23-2003, 10:41 PM
That is WONDERFUL news Karen!!!!!!! :D

02-24-2003, 02:06 PM
Hi everyone!! I think Crookshanks is going to do just fine in her new home! That is such a relief for me too!
Saturday morning, I went outside to feed her like usual, but this time I brought out the "port o' prison" that I had used to take her to the vet in previously. I set it down, and covered it with a towel. It was easier than I thought! She came up and sniffed at it, and looked inside, and I just gave her a gentle push inside! That was it! :eek: What a good girl.
I had loaded up my car before attempting to get her into the port o' prison, so her food and everything was all ready to go. I strapped her in my front seat and headed over to Elena's. Even Aaron came out to say good bye to her, and I do think he will miss her. Poor Crookshanks had the most pitiful cries I've ever heard! I cried almost all the way to Elena's, just hearing her sound like that. I know that sounds silly, and I know that I shouldn't be upset...because she's getting a good home!! Now, I can understand the feelings that a pet foster parent must feel when the animal they've been looking after finally gets a forever home. I know I'll miss seeing Crookshanks every day, but I'm so happy that she got a good home! My friends met me at Elena's, so I called them when I got into the parking lot of the apartment complex. They all came out to meet me. We took her and all of her things up to Elena's apartment. She opened up the door of the cat carrier and Crookshanks came out all wide-eyed and scared. She kept up the pitiful meows, but within 15 minutes, her crys turned back into her inquisitive chirps! I couldn't believe it! She was looking all around the room, and Elena showed her where the food and water and litter box was located. Elena's husband Dave was there, and Crookshanks really took to him! It was so cute too, because I think she may have associated Dave with Aaron. They both are the same height and build and blonde! So, maybe she thought it resembled him, and that was a comfort. At one point in time, the phone rang and he got up to get it, and Crookshanks followed him! It was so adorable. Honestly, I'm quite surprised at how well she seemed to adjust in such a short time! She was working the room, coming to each of us for some pets. She even jumped up on the couch and started kneading on Dave! :eek: What a good girl!! After seeing how she took to Elena and Dave and being inside, I'm quite confident that things will work out just fine. They are going to re-name her Sophie, so I'm sure I'll have a hard time not saying Crookshanks when I see her. Luckily, Elena is the friend of one of my friends, so I'll be able to keep tabs on her. I'd really love to go and see her in about a month to see how much she has changed!! What a good girl! It couldn't possibly had gone any smoother, so I'm lucky, and she finally gets to live the life of a pampered housecat! :D

Tubby & Peanut's Mom
02-24-2003, 02:21 PM
Oh Karen, I'm so glad things seemed to work out so well. You knew she was a sweety, and she really lived up to it. I know she will be happy in her new home, and if she has already started working the room, she will have Elena and her husband wrapped around her pretty little paws in no time. ;) :D

02-24-2003, 11:45 PM
Karen, I'm so glad that everything has worked out for Sophie. With all of the recent saddness here at Pet Talk, it's so great to finally hear a happy ending. :)

03-12-2003, 12:40 PM
Hi everyone! I just thought I would update you all on Crookshanks...err...Sophie's progress! She's doing well in her new home! In fact, she's a little Diva! She doesn't live with Elena and David...they live with her! lol ;)
She managed to work her charms to get furniture and bed priviledges. I thought this story was cute:
The other night, Crookshanks...oops...Sophie (I keep forgetting they changed her name) was taking up a lot of space on the bed...like most cats do. David tried to move her a little bit, so she got up on his chest and peered down at him with her luminous eyes. He ended up moving her off his chest, where she preceeded to rebuff him for the next two days! LOL LOL Silly girl! :p Elena said she was all lovey dovey with her, but she completely ignored David for "moving her" for 2 days. She just had to let him know who was boss! :p
I'm so glad everything is working out for her. I plan on visiting soon, and taking some pics.

03-12-2003, 02:33 PM
such a perfectly "cat-like" story. Sounds like she is doing GREAT!!!!

03-12-2003, 06:14 PM
What a lovely girl ... I hope she is very happy in her new home!

03-13-2003, 01:10 AM
I'm so glad that everything is working out and that she's happy in her new home. :)

Tubby & Peanut's Mom
03-13-2003, 09:38 AM
Sounds like she's ruling the household already, and proceeding with the training of the humans. Knowing he'll be ignored for 2 days, I bet he never moves her again. ;) :D

It's always wonderful to hear the success stories. :)