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02-15-2003, 08:57 AM
This game is inspired by a little machine thing called Catch A Phrase. This is how you play: Think of the word in a catagory then say the catagory and a clue to that word For example:


Then people who choose to participate will guess what you think it is. If after 3 guesses and the people participating still dont get it,you may give another clue! If you have trouble understanding this PM me and i will explain in a organized and examplified form.

You may use ANY appropriate word that you can think of!

Here are the easy to follow rules:
1.Don't guess the same thing twice in seperate posts!
2.You can't use a part of a word as a clue!
3.If you do not choose to pick the word for the next round,YOU are responsible for finding another willing person!

If you are the FIRST person to guess the CORRECT word then you are first choice for hosting the next round. If you cannot/do not want to host the next round re-read rule #3!

I hope this game will go on forever and all of us can enjoy it!

02-15-2003, 08:58 AM
I will start this round:


02-15-2003, 10:03 AM
ice cream :p

02-15-2003, 11:45 AM
Primabella is the WINNER! Would you host the next game?

02-15-2003, 03:30 PM
BTW: Love your sig Primabella!