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02-05-2003, 01:43 AM
Daisy, I can't stop admiring your coat, your colouring is amazing, I love it! What a darling cat you are, and surely one of a kind. I've never heard of a cat who likes to go out on a bad weather too. Well, hope the weather is fine over there today and you get to go and wonder around in the fields. Enjoy your day sweetie!

Congratulations Daisy! :)

02-05-2003, 02:06 AM
ALL cats are different than other cats - that's what they all share in common.

Run, Daisy, run into the rain, run to the cornfield, pull down an ear, strip off the husk and chew on the kernals, then run back, dash into the house and leap into the warm towel held by the loving hands and arms that await you. Now purr, Daisy, purr... purr... purr...

Daisy! Daisy! Give me your answer, do, Daisy, give me your answer, do!

I'm half crazy... all for the love of you!

(and I never even met you)

02-05-2003, 02:15 AM
Daisy you are so beautiful on the deck with the sunset on the background!
Have a happy day today as COTD and a happy and healthy long life ;)

02-05-2003, 05:41 AM
Beautiful Daisy. I love the unusual markings in your coat. I am glad you have a lot of room in which to roam and run out in the corn fields. Congratulations on being Cat Of The Day. You seem like a cat who has it going on. You have certainly charmed me!:D
I hope you get lots of belly rubs and treats for your special day!

02-05-2003, 06:53 AM
Daisy, glad to hear you are such a friendly kitty! Have fun in the cornfields and congrats on cotd!:)

smokey the elder
02-05-2003, 08:10 AM
Daisy, you're such a pretty kitty! Congratulations on your special day.

02-05-2003, 08:27 AM
Dearest Daisy, you are a lovely, lovely girl. A cornfield can be a lot of fun to play in, but don't go out of earshot of your home, so you can always hear your mama's voice calling you. I once got lost in the corn my ownself, and I am much taller than you. Very spooky. Congratulations on being Cat of The Day!

Kona & Oreo's mom
02-05-2003, 09:15 AM
Daisy, what a beautiful girl you are. Congratulations on being Cat of the Day, and I hope that you get to go out on your deck to take in a spectacular sunset on your special day.

02-05-2003, 09:29 AM
:D :cool: daisy is one beautiful Cat , with thast blend of colors. :D And she has not only a deck , but a corn field to play in!:cool: :cool: I know you have a perfect home , and Great Guardians , DAISY COTD!:cool: :cool: :cool:

Howie's Mama
02-05-2003, 09:35 AM
Gosh! What a GREAT picture of your girl! Beautiful sunset in the background. I too, have a kitty that loves to be out in rain and wind and loves a good toweling off! Nothing can keep them from going out on patrol. Your Daisy sounds like quite a character, hiding behind doors and leaping out at you! She's a beauty -congratulations, Daisy, on being today's cat of the day!

02-05-2003, 11:23 AM
Sweet Daisy, now your life sounds really good. Lots of fun, nature and nice people around you. Good luck for the hunt in the cornfield and even more fun and treats!

02-05-2003, 11:35 AM
What a beauty you are. It sure sounds like you a very loved and happy. Congratulations on being our special Cat of the Day today, sweetheart.:)

02-05-2003, 12:21 PM
Beautiful Daisy, your are such a vision, posing on YOUR deck, basking in the light of that glorious sunset. But it is the light that glows from within you that makes you so extra special! Today as well is your day to shine as we crown you beautiful Daisy, Cat of the Day!! I hope your day of honor is an extra special one sweetie... perhaps a run through the corn with your Mom??:) Hugs and snuggles to the beautiful Daisy girl!

02-05-2003, 12:25 PM
Originally posted by Frostfrog
ALL cats are different than other cats - that's what they all share in common...

I'm half crazy... all for the love of you!

Frostfrog is right...our furrbabies' differences are what make them purrrfectly special. Daisy, you're just lovely...we really enjoyed meeting you! Stay happy, pretty girl, and catgratulations on being today's purrrecious Cat of the Day!

Noserubs, snuggles and purrs...Bari and the Pride

Oh, and Frostfrog...you're always "crazy" in a rather nice sort of way! LOL!

Lennie B.
02-05-2003, 01:02 PM
Daisy, you are such a beauty! I love your name-it's so appropriate for a kitty who so enjoys the sensation of sunshine (and sometimes even rain) on her pretty fur! You are fortunate to have a safe outdoor place to explore and bask in, and to have a loving family to return to at the end of the day! Enjoy your special day, sweet adventurous COTD!

02-05-2003, 01:12 PM
When I read about Daisy running through the cornfeild, is it any wonder? I remember when when being a kid, when ever I had an opportunity to explore a cornfield, I was at the gates of heaven! Good for you Daisy, and don't get lost in there.:D Also, your beautiful torbie coat blends in with the sun-set/sun- rise in the background.


02-05-2003, 02:52 PM
What a stunning picture of one stunning kitty cat! You are simply beautiful Daisy girl. Congrats for being Our Cat of the Day QT!!! :) :D :)

02-05-2003, 03:05 PM
Hello Daisy,

Congratulations Beautiful country girl Daisy on being picked
for a day of honor today as our CAT OF THE DAY !!! Your life
does sound very exciting & full of adventures. Please don't
get lost out there in the corn rows, o.k.? :D Love Ya Daisy.

02-05-2003, 04:39 PM
A Beautiful Daisy, in the middle of a cornfield, possibly during a sunset... what a gorgeous image for a wonderful baby!!! So nice to have met you today, Daisy! I love your unique blend of coloring and pretty eyes! What a spectacular photo you have today! Hope you're having a GREAT COTD!!!! :) :D :p :cool: ;)

Dan Holder
02-05-2003, 05:08 PM
See what a terrific kitty she is? Not a fancy purebred cat, but pretty and wonderful to have around. A real part of the family. Good luck, Daisy.

02-05-2003, 05:45 PM
It is a purebred cat - all cats are purebred cats.

02-06-2003, 01:40 AM
Originally posted by Frostfrog
It is a purebred cat - all cats are purebred cats.
How right you are, Frostfrog!!! :D

02-06-2003, 03:50 AM
Yes, Vio&Juni, but I should have said "she," not "it." Everynow and then, I make an inadvertant slip into proper English, even though proper English is so often wrong, even if it is correct.

02-06-2003, 06:25 AM
That's a mistake I'll never do, maybe the other way around. In the Romanian language a female is a She and a male is a He, but also a lot of the other common nouns have a gender - feminin and masculin, only a few are neuter, it's more like an exception. It was very easy for me to study English, which is not even half as difficult as Russian or French. Romanian is as difficult to study as French :)