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02-04-2001, 07:24 PM
Does your dog try to pull trees out of the ground? Nikki does! She turns her head sideways and bites small trees while moving her head up and down. While she is doing this she makes these weird high pitched bark growl noises that seem to come from inside her throat! It is VERY, VERY, funny to watch! I think she thinks that the tree is a very long stick stuck in the ground! LOL!

02-04-2001, 07:36 PM
Rocky has chewed down to the stumps,
my young cherry tree, rose tree,hybiscus,
chewed off the branches to my
Magnolia trees, and that does not
include the plants he
has pulled out.
Needless to say that most of
my landscaping/gardening has
ceased till he grows out of his
distructive stage, but at least he
has dug the holes for me. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

02-06-2001, 05:06 PM
hey Boxerlover
its gabby i can't believe nikki did that! Mckenzy always is chewing on whatever she can get her teeth on specially trees i'll just be walking her and she will start biting trees and i have to tell her no!

Daisy's Mom
02-06-2001, 05:30 PM
Golden R. Lover, I love your dog's name! My thirteen year old sister is actually also named Mackenzie but it's one of my favorite names! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif I just thought I'd share that http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

02-06-2001, 06:04 PM
One rainy day, I made the mistake of ignoring Star as she was barking for me to come out and play. After a while, she was eerrily quiet outside. As I walked out the back door I saw she had COMPLETELY pulled out my favorite dwarf lilac, starting with the smaller limbs, finally pulling up the entire trunk! She loves to pull on side branches of shrubs and do that pulling sideways thing like Nikki! Funny, but......

02-06-2001, 07:55 PM
Hello Gabby! Do you like this site? Nikki is a roit when she does this because we dont really care about the tree that she does this to! It is soo funny!

02-10-2001, 08:26 PM
il ove that name too Daisy's Mom. I was the one out of my family who named her because i love that name so much! I am sorry i haven't posted for awhile i've been so busy with volleyball and homework. I really love this site. Its very nice because there is usually no one rude or no one using bad language. I think this very nice for people to tell the wolrd about there Dogs Cats etc etc.