View Full Version : a friend of mine has a kitty up for adoption

01-14-2003, 11:35 AM
I am not sure if I am suppose to post this here but her kitty needs a loving home..

..here is her information..let me know or just email her
she is from E lower Michigan. Half-way between Ann
Arbor and Detroit. You can email her at:
[email protected]

Our cat needs a new home

Akeyia is a 5 year old (birthday: May 1, 1997) female
domestic shorthair. She is white with dark gray/brown
tabby striping on her head, back, and tail. Her one
notable feature is her sea-green eyes. Akeyia has been
spayed, front declawed, and up-to-date on all her
shots. She’s use to wearing a flea collar and has
never actually had fleas. She can get very verbal when
petting or brushing her, loves being brushed several
times a week. She’ll give you nose kisses when
overwhelmed with affection. She loves her food a bit
much and is a little overweight. She doesn’t like
being outside at all, so there’s no worry of her
rushing the door when you come home.

Akeyia likes to have attention everyday and will climb
into your lap if given the chance, but don’t startle
her. She can be a bit skittish at times. Any sudden
movements or strange noises make her very fearful.
When she gets scared, she needs to hide in a small
area, like a bathroom, and left alone for a while.
Afterwards she’ll need reassurance and once again is
purring and looking for a treat. She has developed an
extreme dislike for our older cat, so she needs to be
in a home with no other animals.

Akeyia would do well in a home that has a predictable
schedule and consistency. She is use to being by
herself 6-10 hours a day. Quiet is the key, with no
young children. Our 3-year-old daughter’s exuberance
has proven to be too much for her. She spends much of
her time hiding in the bathroom now. We’re hoping to
find a loving and patient person willing to give her
the life she deserves. Past cat experience is a must