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01-04-2003, 04:51 PM
i've had rocket and sky for about 2 years and they have never really hurt eachother but lately they have been. they are both parakeets but sky is what they call a paradise budgie when rocket is your average blue budgie. my mom says they probably don't get along because they are two different breeds of bird. anyways, about a month ago when i cleaned their cage, sky walked right up to rocket and started pecking at his head. she did that until he feel off his perch. he got back up and she continued to peck at him. i really scared. :(:( rocket is so tiny compared to her. i decided to leave it be and see if maybe sky was just mad or something but she keeps doing it. one night, she actually pushed him off the perch and today i saw her go up to him and scratch him with her claw. :confused: what's going on? also, the two fight over food in the cage (even if there is plenty of food containers in the cage for both of them) she is getting really possesive and agressive. someone please help? i told my mom i want to buy a seperate cage but she doesn't think its necessary. any suggestions or ideas why she does this? thanks :)

01-04-2003, 05:00 PM
My Mom has two parakeets kept in the same cage, and she has had similar problems. She sometimes seperates them for a little while, and then they realize that they really DO want to be in the same cage. So sometimes that helps. Also she will cover their cage, and that also may help to calm them down when they are in a nit-picky mood.

Do you ever let the birds out of their cage?? I was just thinking that it also might help if the food dishes were outside the cage. But birds are similar to dogs in that they establish a pecking order. Sometimes it takes some squabbling to get that established, so it isn't abnormal for their to be picking going on. I wouldn't tend to get worried about it unless you notice that one isn't getting food to eat, or they are severely fighting. Then I would try separting them into separate cages for a while. Hope this helps!

01-04-2003, 05:15 PM
thanks :)

no i don't let them out. they would probaly get lost in my house. once sky flew out and she went everywhere and got into all kinds of trouble. she was stuck behind the sofa and cabinets and smashed into all the windows. she even knocked over a scultpure i made for school. :rolleyes: anyways, i guess i could let it be. if they continue to fight, i guess i'll go for the cage thing. i think it would be better to separate them. they don't like eachother very much. when they get very "violent" with eachother (:p) we cover them or stare at them. they don't like to be watche dlike that. anyways, long story short...thanks for your help. i will keep my eye on them :D