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02-10-2020, 12:23 PM
I will keep hunting for our original Furminology Dictionary. It's somewhere, either here or on the Interwebz. Please add liberally to this thread as you see fit. In the meantime, from the Facebook group "This Cat is C H O N K Y"...

Accempt (v): to graciously receive the offering of a peet, leggie, etc.
Airplane Ears (n): when a cat flattens and angles its ears, so they look like the wings of an airplane; often a sign of irritation, wild play, or interest in a noise behind them; also: NYEEEEER, earcraft, owl ears
Angy / Amgy (adj): adorably angry; e.g. “no talk me im angy”
Angery / Angory (adj): very grumpy indeed
Attacc (v): to lunge at
Bamboozle (v): to do a heckin confuse
Bebby (n/adj): kitten, small or adorable cat
Beans (n): . toes
-Baked Beans (n): when a cat extends its paws toward a heat source, e.g. a radiator or fireplace
-Bean Sprouts (n): tufts of fur between toes; also: toe hawks, toe beards
-Razor beans (n): claws OUT
Birb (n): feathered and flighted creature; the fortunate have cats to alert them to the presence of such a creature with the warning sound ekekekekekek
Blep (n / v): when a cat forgets to retract its tongue, resulting in hilarity
Bonk (v): to lovingly headbutt one’s hooman; also: nudgems
Boop (v): to touch a cat’s nose with one finger, e.g. “boop the snoot”
Chimken (n): favorite food of cats
Cromchies (n): dry cat food; kibble
Elevator butt (n): a cat enjoying rump scritchies raises their back end with delight
Floof (n): 1. a fluffy cat or kitten; 2. long cat fur; see pantaloons
Floofy / Flonfy (adj): fluffy or long-haired
Kitty Glitter (n): the inescapable peppering of cat fur on clothing and furniture
Loaf (v / n): when a cat sits with all paws tucked under, resembling a loaf of bread
Long boi / Lomgboi (n): when a cat stretches out and looks very l o n g
Lööps (n): cromchy dry cat food; see also: bikkies, cromchies
Lorge (adj): large, e.g. “lorge and in chorge”
Make Biscuits (v): to knead on an item or person
-Air biscuits (n): kneading into the ether; also: sky biscuits
-Prison Biscuits (n): kneading with claws extended; also: murder biscuits, spicy biscuits
-Sin biscuits (n): um... sexytimes, often with the unauthorized usage of a stuffed toy or other household object which then becomes the sole property of the cat
M (letter): am all purpose replacememt for “n”; use liberally for best results
Meezer (n): a siamese cat
Merp (v): to make a sudden vocalization expressing surprise or alarm, as when disturbed from slumber; also: brrrp, bwurr, murph
Mlem (n / v): when a cat briefly extends its tongue in a licking motion (see also "blep")
Momther (n): very importamt hoomin; also: forther
Mönch (v): to eat with enthusiasm
Murder Mittens (n): paws with the claws out; also: danger peets, spicy steppers, mean beans
Purralyzed (adj): when a cat is laying on you, rendering any attempt at movement futile; also: catatonic
Purrito (n): 1. a very cozy kitten or cat, typically wrapped in a blanket and purring; 2. a perturbed cat swaddled against its will
Schmoo / Schmoopy (n): a very loved cat
Sing the Song of My People (v): to meow repeatedly for no particular reason, often in the wee hours of the morning
Slow Blink (v / n): a sign of affection and contentment, one of the highest forms of chonk praise offered to a hoomin; also: love eyes, slow winkies, squinkies
Snoot (n): a cat’s nose (see also boop)
Tortie (n): a tortoiseshell cat (black, brown, and amber fur patterns)
Tortitude (n): the state of being a tortie with attitude/charisma
Tummy Trap (n): an exposed cat belly you really want to pet, but are likely to encounter murder mittens; also: danger floof
Tuxedo (n): black cat with white marks, especially on chest and belly area
Zoomies (n): when a cat races around at full-speed, often at 2 am; usually includes kitty parkour, murder mittens may be in use as well; also: zooms, rips, NYOOOOOOM

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Here is the old one -


02-10-2020, 05:21 PM
Gosh, what a lot of names of people posting to those threads.. I miss them so much!!!


02-10-2020, 06:11 PM
Those are hilarious!
Pop-a-wheelie: When meowmie stretches her hand out and cat pops up on hindlegs and head touches hand
Kitty nuggets: poop

02-10-2020, 07:47 PM
Boogies (eye or nose): self explanatory, and they have to be removed immediately
Raspberries: noise cat makes while grooming, especially the belly area

02-11-2020, 12:58 AM
This gives me leaky eyes:

I cannot take credit for this one. I saw it before, but Kuhio98 posted last so the credit goes there!

You Have Been Chosen v, (U Hahv Bin Chozen) The first encounter between a feline and a hooman that usually ends up in a magenti attraction that is far more than 'love at first sight. The feline is usually the side that initiates contact and picks the person as a new caretaker. A bonding experience.

http://petoftheday.com/talk/showthread.php?t=59839 is another update

Don Juan's mom
02-11-2020, 02:56 PM
Purr Therapy: cat plops down on hoomin and purrs, the louder the better.

06-04-2020, 03:26 PM
Peets (n, plural): cute kitty feet. See also pink jelly bean toes.

I cannot take credit for this one, but I was just looking at Ed's toes....

Pink Jelly Bean Toes - n. (Peehnk Jeh Lee Beehn Tohz)- What a kittehs toes/footpads look like- pink jelly beans.