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10-31-2014, 11:23 AM
Perhaps borderline Dog House - but immensely amazing artist!


Marc Sinaj is such a talented sculptor, people who see his work don't even know it's his work. Not because they're unfamiliar with his style, but because they thought the sculptures were actually real people. Some think a true work of art takes on a life of its own, but that's taking it to a whole different level. Even knowing that people are quick to think his pieces are fellow people might not be enough for you to realize that these are actually sculptures. Sinaj's attention to detail is just so impressive. Accuracy, if not brutal honesty, seems to be a hallmark of his work and really makes it worth checking out.
"Birth" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/034/desktop-1414609436.jpg

"Lady" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/035/desktop-1414609455.jpg

"America" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/039/desktop-1414609509.jpg

"Work" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/043/desktop-1414609582.jpg

"Lady In Black" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/040/desktop-1414609526.jpg

"Man" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/036/desktop-1414609471.jpg

"Cornered" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/037/desktop-1414609488.jpg

"Doll" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/041/desktop-1414609546.jpg

"Kneeling" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/042/desktop-1414609564.jpg

"Embrace" http://images.viralnova.com/000/088/055/desktop-1414609622.jpg

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"Brief Peek"



Sinaj is certainly not afraid to get real with his sculptures. If you'd like to see more of his work, check out his personal website (http://www.marcsijan.com/about/).

10-31-2014, 03:20 PM
I wonder what materials and processes he uses.