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08-16-2014, 09:45 PM
Had a little computer trouble this week.On Wednesday,the day we took Heidi to get her groomed,we had a power faliure in the south end of town an d Newcastle where we took Heidi.the groomer phoned at 11:20 to say she was ready and at 11:45,the power went out..one set of lights at King and Simpson were out the lights where you turn into the mall were working then the lights at corner where the Zoo is were working then further on at Highway 2 and Bennett road where Mom lived as a girl were working,once in to Newcastle two sets of lights were out.Got to the groomers,lights were out,they had candles on,Heidi was all set to go.Around quarter after 1,the power came back on,never found the cause of it.there was a power surge so the modem was working right,been acting up recently so phone Bell,turned out we needed a new adapter so went yesterday and go that an d it worked fine.Still had trouble with the computer.,I couldn't get websites to work except mail.google.com and facebook.a site called wgp.bell.ca came on when I was trying to access a site.welcoming me in joining bell internet bu we have had had it since 2003.One reason this site came up if recently you got a new modem which which was last year so got on chat with someone at Bell ,took me through some steps,had to reset a password,couldn't remember the old on.i was told to go to that bell site,I typed in our Bell ID and new pasword and was back on line yesterday.thanked the guy twice for helping me.

08-17-2014, 03:47 AM
Oh wow. glad the power is restored an glad things are back to normal an glad Hedi wasnt caught in the middle of a bath when the lights went out :eek:

what kind of computer do you have,, is it a Packard Bell?