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Desert Arabian
12-14-2002, 06:54 PM
Ok...I think it is time to start a thread about naughty things your pet(s) have done. Here is my story, which took place on Dec. 13th. By the way, they had to do this on FRIDAY the 13th! What luck.

Ok, seeing how I am a huge Lord of the Rings freak, I bought my ticket online, on Nov. 22, to see in on December 18 -the day it comes out. It has been hanging on my mom's filing cabinet this whole time, so it wouldn't get lost. Yesterday evening I was laying in bed messaging my back with one of those electric handheld messagers, and I could hear paper being ripped up. I really didn't think much of it, until it popped into my head "THE TICKET". I ran into my mom's office, to see the rats cage mushed up against the filing cabinet, and Peanut (rat) was tearing up the ticket. I just stood there, and she gave me one of those "What, I didn't do it" looks, and I just couldn't get mad at her for ripping it up, because of that cute little face. I found the rest of the ticket shredded up in their hide box. :rolleyes: I hope the ticket man will still except the ticket-One barcode is missing, because it is a ticket for 2 people, so I don't know if it will work or not. Here is a picture of the little stinkers aftermath:

So....what's your story?????

12-14-2002, 08:13 PM
Hey Reece-man, you wanna tell everyone here at Pet Talk about your latest antics?

No mom, I dint do nuffin!

:rolleyes: Ok I guess its up to me to tell the story.

I usually send my dogs to my sister's house on Fridays because I have a long work day on those days. My sister was busy last Friday though so they stayed home alone. I was able to take short breaks to come let them potty, but for the most part they had to entertain themselves for the day. Reece decided to open up the pantry door and have a party. He got everything off of the lower shelf. He opened up the hot chocolate box and opened a few packets and spilled out the powder. He licked it and walked around in it (there were tongue and foot prints!!!). I guess he decided most of the stuff was boring because he also knocked over the trash can and spread the contents around (not the first time he's done this).

It was my fault because I thought I had shut the pantry door but I guess not :rolleyes: I'm usually REAAAALLLY careful because I don't want him to get sick from getting into stuff, but I guess I was in a hurry that day and forgot.

Aspen and Misty
12-14-2002, 11:00 PM
Chewy got ahold of our Tree skirt and ripped off all the snow flakes!!!! GRRRRRR BAD PUPPY!!!! But he did it while we were gone and I couldn't yell at him. So I went otuside and stomped on the ground. Never leaving him home alone again!

O btw- fro Lord of The rings, we are going to see it Wednesday night at 12:01 in the morning, w will get home around 3 :D


Desert Arabian
12-15-2002, 12:26 AM
I would have gone to see it then too, but I would only get 2 hours of sleep for school....no way! I already get about 6 hours, and that is no where near enough, I don't want to imagine 2 hours of sleep. :o