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01-22-2014, 12:50 AM
We just watched an episode of a TV show on National Geographic, and I find myself with mixed feelings. It is called My Life is a Zoo, and it is about a couple in Michigan UP with a zoo that has been in his family for many years, and they are getting their very first hippo! I think it is great that they love animals, and want to let children see them and interact with them, and I am glad they are starting the no-kill facility for rescuing domestic animals. That looks like a really nice place, and hopefully some of the rescue animals now at the zoo in pretty crowded pens will be able to go there, with fields to run in!

On the down side, it disturbs me they are buying some of these exotic animals - the baby chimp belongs with its mother, or in the wild. It is adorable and sweet now, but ten years from now, maybe sooner, will likely be a problem. Chimps are not domesticated, and should not be!

And I know some people will object to the show - they now have 17 tigers, so I hope they are at least maintaining proper genetic diversity. I also hope, despite Carrie's "Do what you want/love" message, people don't get the idea anyone can just buy and keeps tigers and hippos and she is hoping for a lynx and a bobcat? Those animals need space! I am encouraged the tigers are getting a bigger enclosure, and a new pond. And I am glad Bud like chickens - they are at least domesticated animals.

What do you think? Did you see the show?

Although I have these concerns, I did like watching the show, there were many delightful moments. I think you might enjoy it, too. And one of the rescue animals got a new forever home by the end of the episode!

01-22-2014, 09:16 PM
I started watching it but quit in disgust----so now you know my feelings about the whole thing. I applaud the fact they love animals and I love the idea of saving domestic animals but as for wild animals I never have liked zoos and never will --- even if they have lots of room to roam and are given the best of care wild animlas belong in the wild.
I especially hate to see chimps in captivity. The program might just be sending the wrong message to the wrong people.

01-23-2014, 03:55 PM
I'm a retired paralegal now doing legal research for animal welfare. While I do love ALL animals, not all are meant to be pets. With so many wild species facing extinction, the risk increases because of poaching and the animal trade that should be illegal with severe sanctions for violators. The animals at this "farm" fall into that category, at least in my opinion. It's sad that so many people think animals are here to exploit but I guess until attitudes change this will continue. I love seeing wildlife on Animal Planet through pictures and film clips taken by skilled photographers that don't interfere with the animals' natural activity then leave everything exactly as they found it. These beautiful creatures deserve to live in the wild - free as nature intended.