View Full Version : I feel like I've made this thread before...but I hate college applications.

11-11-2013, 10:32 PM

I wound up going to CC and will most likely be graduating (or at least gathering 60+ credits depends on a few factors) with my Associates in Science in May. I have been applying for schools next fall. None of which are in NJ. :D Which makes me incredibly excited...but at the same time I hate these college applications x.x They're so detailed, long, and repetitive and take SO LONG TO COMPLETE. I finished three, and am sending my transcripts out tomorrow. I will be applying for one more. I applied to one in Florida, one in Oregon (this one is actually online), one in upstate NY, and one in Colorado. I was even thinking about school up in the Yukon (actually it would be cheaper than here in the US). My parents are annoying because they want me to live at home forever apparently and basically forced me to apply to this online school..which actually sounds a lot better than it did when I first applied. I could work somewhere and do that on the side. But I just want to finish my degree and get a "real" college experience, especially out west, where the field is a lot bigger. It's just frustrating because they just whine about me applying anywhere. I know about the debt which is why I went to CC in the first place! It just irks me, because it's not their money, it's mine. And I promise you I will likely not even get up to $50k in debt with where I am planning to go, my GPA, scholarships, etc. I will NOT take out private loans. I am able to make smart enough decisions about it. But I need to get out of this house. :rolleyes: I feel like I need a change and my heart is kind of set on going away at the moment. I think it will be even more within the last semester at CC. :p

Anyway, I just hate the whole applying to college thing, it's just stressful, daunting and long. Blah XP Sorry for the pointless garble.

11-12-2013, 12:33 AM
It isn't pointless, it is a good vent to get out of your system! I bet you feel better for having posted it!

Some parents never want their kids to grow up, but that is what happens! We grow! :)

11-14-2013, 10:07 AM
I hate to be the one to tell you that parents don't change :rolleyes: I have my PhD, have moved countries, bought my own house, and have a life. But I was talking with my mother yesterday and she still asked me about moving back home :D

They just want to protect you and make sure that everything goes well. You will have to spread your wings at some point in your life and college is a great place to start.

BTW, the Yukon is COLD like you wouldm't believe!