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05-24-2013, 11:21 PM
.. http://www.issop.com/kri.htm hello.. I tried to upload a pix to pet talk and it wouldn't upload.. so I made a www page so you can see and hear Kerrie sing. you might need to refresh the page.. I met Kerrie on april 4 1974 at the same time and place I met Diane.. I miss Diane.. I married Diane in 1974 and when we parted due to family interference.. I started dating Kerrie.. for 6 years then Kerrie left and about 1996 Diane's father passed away and Diane come back and we lived 16 years then she died in dec 2012.. then I was interested in getting a girl friend and Kerrie made it clear that she wanted me in her life and didn't want to lose me to another girl friend and she let me know it.. so now were together in sprit until death do us part.. diane and Kerrie were good friends.. pat 20130524.2121 http://www.issop.com/kri.htm