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01-18-2013, 10:38 PM
This is random, especially coming from me, but do you guys have any idea If I could possibly get into the Coast Guard with a heart condition?

I've googled it, couldn't find anything. The reason I am asking on here is because I'd rather not talk to a recruiter right away and scare the living hell out of my parents. I am not even set on this path yet, I am just looking at options after I graduate from Community College.

My family is a bit of a military family, but I think my dad (former marine) would have a heart attack if I even mentioned the Marines (with the Heart issue I have that is probably out anyway), but I would LOVE to be able to do something like that. My brother was in the Army Reserves, but also fought in Iraq, he isn't estatic about the idea but he is the only one I mentioned it to. My mom would NOT like the idea in the least.

But is there anything in the military (or prefereably CG or NG) I could do without worrying about my heart condition booting me out automatically?

More specifically, the HC is called Tetralogy of Fallot. I had open heart surgery when I was five and another procedure when I was 7, but this hasn't effected me since. I am very active and in pretty good shape overall.

Lady's Human
01-18-2013, 11:16 PM
The only person who can answer that question is an active Coastie recruiter who is up to date on entry requirements and available waivers. The USCG is one of the most selective of the services, and they tend to have more stringent requirements than the rest of the armed services. In additioin, entry profiles and available waivers constantly change due to the needs of the services.