View Full Version : I owe Braggo my life

09-09-2012, 06:45 AM
Hello there everyone havent been here all week missed all the great dogs and cats of the day I know I can look them all up but not the same kinda like finding out a score before you get to see the game. But back to why I wasnt here all week have been in and out of the hospital all week see for the past 33days now today I have had this headace constant throbbing but three times a day like clock work it would really hit hard so I know it may seem like a cowards way out but unless anyone ever had this kind of pain for this long well I was going bonkers I tell ya and everytime it hit bad Braggo would just whine and pace around me well Tues night I just couldnt take no more I have been to the doc 3 other times this month with this and well nothing he was at a loss answer here take this or this so Tues morning 1;30 am sound asleep BAM like clockwork my eye is poping out of my head put the ice pack on took some pills and did the routine pace rock roll and scream thought hell insurance might take care of the wife and kids so had a whole lot of pills in my hand and was just wanting the pain never to come back. About this time Braggo comes in the room and knew I was hurting and I have heard dogs commet sucide over there owners well I think he knew my plans cuz I guess the only way he knew how to stop me was to go for my hand he didnt clap down but he bit my hand that had the pills I droped them then he starts kissing me tryed to push him off but copeing with the pain and a 84 pd dog now was no way I'm winning that battle so I just hit the floor and Braggo thought it might be a game hell I dont know but hes got me pinned and just held me against the wall the attack lasted another 15 mins and he kept me there the whole time. If your wondering where my wife or daughter are during this well I go into the garage during these battles but Braggo is a constant always never leaveing my side. Sorry to get on here and tell my life story and some of you may think this is just a lame story but I belive that dog knew and saved my life. Well the good news is that on Fri morning I got a call from my doc and after looking at all the mri and ct and whatever test was done we have something to fight now cluster headaces well thanks everyone for reading this.

09-09-2012, 08:46 AM
Thank goodness for Braggo. Dogs know much more than most people give them credit for. And I am glad you are getting help fighting the cluster headaches, as well. You will be in our prayers.