View Full Version : Water games

08-17-2000, 02:31 PM
My dog Rocky is a Boston Terrier. I just got him back from my parents after 3.5 years without him. He has learned a new game since I've gotten him back. Rocky stays outside & living in Texas it can get pretty HOT during the summer days. So I have started wetting Rocky down with the water hose. Well now he has started running for his toys when I wet him & he will run back at me so I can spray him. He will run back & forth until I finally turn the water off. One day he even tried to attack the water. It was so funny! We also have built in sprinklers (luckily they go back into the ground when they're not running) & he has tried to attack them when they've been running too. In fact when they go off he starts looking for them (since they go back into the ground). It's a hilarious thing to watch! I love my baby boy! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif I'm so glad to have him back.