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08-20-2012, 08:41 PM
Hubby was just about to leave for work, when he visited the bathroom as you americans call it, we use the word toilet, and when he went to come out the lock was jammed and i mean jammed, he attempted to climb out of our window, but it is very high up and small, and hubby is a very tall lean man, but it was not possible, however on his instructions i got the tool box out of the car, handed it up to him and he took the hinges off the door.

I had to laugh when i rang his workmate to explain the situation and that he would be late for work.

The horrible thought was if he had gone to work and it had happened to me i would have been stuck in there all day from 8 a m to 6 pm, with no way out,not a pleasant thought, so it was a blessing in disguise that it happened to hubby.

The lock on the door was fine yesterday,so gosh only knows what happened, looks like we have to get a new one now.

Has this ever happened to you?

08-20-2012, 08:50 PM
Gracious, no! At our house growing up, there were never locks on the bathroom door. People just respected that when the door was shut, it was in use!

08-20-2012, 08:50 PM
Actually.... yes, it has happened to me. In my case, I was showering in the basement bathroom and my family was all upstairs on the patio BBQing. The doorknob's lock jammed on me and I could not get out. Not to mention, I did not have a cellphone with me to call someone upstairs for help. I was in there for nearly an hour. I even resorted to screaming up through the vents in hopes that someone in the house would hear it echoing and come let me out.

I honestly can't remember how I eventually got out. Maybe I ended up getting the doorknob off, or it eventually unjammed, because I know no one came looking for me. :(

08-20-2012, 08:55 PM
When I was very young I got locked in the bathroom at the salon where my dad got his haircut. I was crying so hard!! My mom had to come and talk me through climbing up on the sink and how to unlock the lock. It was a tricky lock, especially for a young child. I was so scared.

I've locked myself out of my house before. I had to go to the neighbors and look up my roommates parent's phone number to call. Of course I was barefoot and braless at the time.
Bruce locked himself out of this house in just his robe and undies. He had to go through the garage and up into the attic and climb down through the attic crawl space in the closet. Why does it always happen when you are half naked?? LOL

08-20-2012, 08:58 PM
oh my your stories made me laugh, yes i could not stop laughing this morning, i know had it been me, my husband would have said what did you do to the lock,and thank goodness it was not me,we have separate toilets here in some houses, so it is a small room,not like a bathroom,oh i am so relieved it was not me stuck in there all day long, i would have had to scream help out the window and hoped someone would hear me lol.

Scooter's Mom
08-20-2012, 11:31 PM
I never had that happen in that exact way... but like Taz_Zoee, I've been locked out of my house.
My ex-hubby and I were standing out front of the apartment talking to the neighbor, in between our front doors, and our kitty was trying to get our attention and turned the deadbolt lock just far enough to lock the door and lock us out! Dave broke the door in so we could get into the house and then repaired the door frame!

08-21-2012, 12:56 AM
I'm the daft woman that constantly locks her keys in the car. I get to thinking about what it is I'm doing, forget the keys IN THE IGNITION, and proceed to exit the car while locking the door. I've called the hubby many times asking for the spare key...

Luckily this tends to happen within walking distance of our house!

08-21-2012, 01:32 AM
I've locked myself out of my condo before when I went downstairs to do the my laundry. I knocked on my neighbors door and I was able to use her phone and I called my dad who was able to come and give me a spare key so I could then get back inside. I did the same thing again but this time my parents and my brother were all at a wedding that day so there was no one that I could call that would have a key. Luckily I had my sliding glass door open to my balcony with only the screen door part closed. I knocked on my neighbors door again and her male roommate was there and he's very tall. I live on the second floor and he was able to climb up the fence and onto my balcony. He then opened the screen door and he was then able to let me into my condo. Now I always double check my pockets for keys before I leave my condo. A few former roommates have also locked themselves out before and they had to call me at work to let me know or they just waited patiently inside the building until I got home.

I've also locked my keys in my car and I had to call AAA to come and open up my car door for me. My current car beeps if you open up the door while the keys are still in the ignition so now this doesn't happen any more.

08-21-2012, 05:22 AM
I got locked in the mens bathroom in a gas station in southern Ohio.:o Was traveling to see my brother in the hospital, needed to go bad and the womans bathroom was occupied. So I thought I'd be cool and just use the mens.:rolleyes: My SIL went and got the attendant and he got the door open.:D

08-21-2012, 07:43 AM
Oh yeah - been there - but it was a worker who locked me out of the house. We had a new roof put on the house a few years ago, and there was one area that my son was concerned about, so he called the roofer back out. It was the middle of winter and I was just in my fuzzy p.j.'s when the guy showed up. I let him in the front door and was explaining the situation to him, then we walked out onto the front porch so I could show him just where it was. I went out first and he followed - pulling the door closed behind him. Oops - the lock was on!!! Both back doors were locked - and I NEVER leave the mud room door locked when I'm home - except for that day of course. :rolleyes: He was falling all over himself with apologies and offered me his coat which I first refused, and then used his cell phone to call my DIL at work so he could take me in and pick up her keys. Well that "emergency" phone call was a disaster - and it took 45 minutes for someone at her job to find her and have her call me back. Good thing I wasn't dying! :rolleyes: In the meantime, I finally did accept his offer of his coat, and he drove me in town to get the keys. What a fiasco that was!

I locked my keys in my car only once when I was at the mall. One window was open just a crack, but I didn't have anything to put thru to try to get the lock open. Luckily an old man came by and managed to somehow do it, tho I don't even remember how.

08-21-2012, 09:39 AM
Oh one time I locked myself in the garage. I don't know what I was thinking that I hit the lock button on the way out but alas... I could not get back in the house. Hannah was upstairs but there is a gate blocking the steps so she couldn't come down to unlock it and she was upstairs hollering for me. Of course the front door was ALSO locked. so I had to open the garage door, scrape and bruise the heck out of my arm trying to get the back gate unlatched and got to the backdoor where our "lock" is a board in the door. I got to the backdoor and was knocking and trying to give hannah instructions through the glass door to pull the wood panel out so I could get in lol. She eventually figured out what I was talking about but not before the neighbor heard me frantically trying to get Hannah to unlock the door and asked if everything was OK lol. I was like "Uh... yeah I just locked myself out of the house with Hannah INSIDE the house" lol Thank God Hannah is good at following instructions.

08-21-2012, 04:12 PM
Carole- at least if you are locked in the bathroom, it is there if you need it. ;)

Don't any of you habitual locker outers have a spare key hidden outside or with a neighbor? LOL..you should!

08-21-2012, 04:25 PM
Don't any of you habitual locker outers have a spare key hidden outside or with a neighbor? LOL..you should!

Definitely! I have one of those combination lock thingies that has a key inside and hangs on the front doorknob - part of my medical alert program so EMT's can be notified by the alert center and get in the house if I am unable to get to the door to let them in. Do I remember the combination to open it and get the key to let myself in if I lock myself out???? - heck no! :rolleyes:

08-21-2012, 07:09 PM
Has this ever happened to you?
YES! I was about 14, my brother was about 6. I swear, it was due to him pounding on the door anytime I was in there which broke it. Of course, the day it did break, he had not been pounding at all. :rolleyes: Thank goodness it was a Sunday and mom AND DAD were home! It was the type of door knob with the little piece you turn to lock and unlock. That just kept spinning and spinning and doing nothing. So I had to holler and pound to get anyone to listen to me.

Finally Dad walked down the hallway and figured out what I was saying. Had me try a couple things, nope, not working. That house was a ranch, all one floor. Dad got his ladder, screwdriver and maybe one other thing (can't remember), then he climbed in the bathroom window, removed the entire door knob, and ta dah! We were out. I remember feeling funny being IN the bathroom with my Dad - I was a 14 year old girl, remember, ha haaa. Dad fixed it and put the SAME knob on! I was afraid of getting stuck in there again for a LONG time, when he was at work. Had to lock the door, I had a baby (pest) brother! LOL