View Full Version : Gwen Cooper needs to rehome a kitty who is beating up on Homer

03-29-2012, 04:31 PM
Crossposting for a friend on another message board. Gwen Cooper and her husband live in NYC.

In case some of you don't remember, Gwen Cooper is the woman who wrote "Homer's Odyssey", the story of the blind cat.

She's coming to my town in October as the keynote speaker for our big fund raising event.

She and Laurence went out and adopted a 16 pound beautiful calico cat from a Long Island shelter about 3 weeks ago that they named Stella. This cat will not accept Homer. They have tried everything as you can read. But Homer cannot see and only weighs 4 pounds. Stella sees him and attacks him every chance she gets, even when Homer is sitting on Gwen's lap.

Gwen and Laurence have advertised to "rehome" Stella and it is breaking their hearts, but Homer is no longer himself because he's so traumatized by Stella. No one has come forth as yet from their area to take Stella.

Please read, and if you know of anyone who can take Stella, contact Gwen.