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11-15-2002, 08:07 PM
Hi all!!

I have a forum for Canadian pet owners at http://www.pets-on-the-net.com/forums. Feel free to take a look around. The forum was mostly started as many chinchilla owners were having problems networking and finding supplies in Canada, so I made it easier. ;)

Seperate from that, I have a breeder directory for all pets (it's just chins right now but I hope some of you can help me out). There is a really quick form to fill out and then you will be added to the site. This is a useful page for breeders and potential buyers. If you are a breeder of any animal, please check the directory http://www.pets-on-the-net.com/breeders.html to see if you'd like to join. The form can be linked to through that page or by going to http://www.pets-on-the-net.com/breedersform.html

Take a moment to look around the site. I have worked very hard on it and am very proud of how its turned out. :D