View Full Version : games these animals like

02-17-2012, 08:25 AM
I'll start with Giggles, the pug. She likes to roll. If there's a blanket on the floor she will roll and say R R R R. She also likes my fuzzy slippers and will scratch them until I push her away and she will come back to be pushed again.

Lilly, chihuahua. Likes playing stick. On our park walks she will pick out a stick to carry until she finds a better stick. If I draw in the sand she wants my stick. So I tease her with it until she finnally gets it.

Snappy, longhair chihuahua. Likes to be cuddled so he will lay in my arms for as long as I let him to cuddle and be whispered to. He also loves to be brushed.

Bandit, husky mix. Just likes to carry his toys. He doesn't tear or chew them.

Silas, lab mix. Likes to go hiking at Kickapoo Park. His nose works overtime out there with wild animals to smell. He will splash in the creek and run like a scalded monkey.

My cats all prefer to sit and stare at imaginary spots on the walls. They also play on their cat tree and chase milk rings around.

Dixie, well he likes anything that shines, makes noise or can be chewed to shreds. He also likes anything that is food related.