View Full Version : Hide and go Seek & Tug -o-War

01-13-2001, 12:17 AM
My Dog Simba is a 3 year old German Shepherd and pit bull mix. His favorite games are tug o war and hide and go seek.
First ill start out with hide and go seek. What I do is put Simba in his sit and stay position then i put a light sheet over his head then i go and hide. I call Simba and he comes and finds me. How i know he finds me is because he either sits and barks or pounces on me. Simba likes to play outside but sometimes we play inside. I was reading this book on dogs and it says that if u put a light sheet over their head and count u can tell how smart they are if they get it off in 0-5 seconds they are really smart 6-10 seconds they are average and 11-15 sorry to say but the are not smart not average but dumb.. it takes Simba about 4 seconds..What a Smarty Boy!!! Tug o war is Simba's other favorite game he has about 20 tug o war toys...from ropes to old socks we have gaven him.......ill clena all his toys up and put them in his room and if i go in another room or outside he will have them spread allllll over the house.... Anyways you all should try that smart test on youe dogs and give me feedback... and alson check out the website I made Simba at http://kakzrap.homestead.com/SimbaLou.html