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11-12-2002, 07:15 AM
Today, we'll continue to search for owners and we'll see where that takes us. I'm going to try to call a few area vets as I have time and see if they know of anyone missing a himalayan. I'll also leave my name & number with them. I think it's highly unlikely that she is "lost" because she's in horrible, horrible shape & has been for at least a few months. The total tick count so far, BTW, is up to 20. Yuck! I'll call the humane society today, too. When I called the first time, I said she was a ragdoll, so she might be listed as missing under himalayan. At any rate, I can't wait until I locate owners to get her medical attention, so if she has owners, they'll just have to understand. I won't have her spayed until I have searched a week or so. I think she is "legally" mine to care for after ten days of being reported lost through animal control and then I can do what I want with her and will schedule a spay at that time.

She is a sweet, sweet girl so she is definitely a house cat. Frankly, I'm surprised she made it as long as she did. She's a fighter. We have all sorts of predator animals around here and she was living right in the middle of the woods.

She is eating a lot. LOL! She certainly isn't picky and loves to eat. Wet food, dry food...she doesn't care. I have her on Felidae dry (free-feeding) and then half a can of wet twice a day to help fatten her up. She purrs while she eats. Too funny!

She is a lap kitty. She enjoys laps and she flops all over the place while you pet her. She'll roll all around for tummy rubs, too.

Greta LOVES catnip. We bought her a crinkly butterfly toy with cat nip in it and she goes bonkers. She'll jump all over the place and take off running, hide, and then pounce on her toy. I like seeing her spirits up.

She only had one accident outside of the litterbox, but I picked it up, put it in the box, and she has been using it for both things ever since. She's a smart cookie.

She is definitely a himalayan. I contacted several breeders yesterday of birmans, ragdolls, and himalayans. The reponses I got were great, but no one recognizes her. They did all seem to concur that she is a seal point doll-faced himalayan. Mystery solved there, I guess.

Anyway, more to come after I spend more time with her. Will update after the vet visit. (There was an emergency yesterday and Greta had to wait until today. She wasn't scheduled anyway, but my vet knows me all to well and agreed to see her if he had time. LOL...He should. With my three goldens, I trhink I am putting his kids through college! Tee Hee)

Anyway, more to come as I learn. Thanks for the good wishes and comments.

Tanner, Brandywine, Spencer, and Greta the Foster Kitty
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smokey the elder
11-12-2002, 09:01 AM
Greta is a stunning cat. You may wish to see if she is microchipped. It is unfortunate that none of the breeders recognize her. A reputable breeder will require a spay/neuter clause for pet quality kittens, and often a return clause if the owner does not wish to keep the cat. I suspect that this cat was purchased as a "trophy" cat rather than a loving companion.

11-12-2002, 02:21 PM
Smokey, that's a great idea! I'll call my vet and have him see if hse has one since she's still there. I think he has the Avid scanner, but not the Home Again. Or maybe it's the other way around...hmmm....

Either way, GREAT idea!


11-12-2002, 02:36 PM
You know, myself included, usually assume that some lack-luster soul of an owner is responsible for the many stray pets, and I do think that in most cases that IS the case. BUT, there are times when good cats/dogs get out, walk long, long distances and can never get back home.

I would like to believe that someone, rather far away, maybe another county, lost this poor cat. Suppose they were driving across country and the cat jumped out of their car/van etc? Should they delay the return trip etc? (I would, but there is a limit)....

I had a cat that was lost for a month - in Aspen of all places but because she had a tag and phone number, finally someone called. She had been in hiding all that time! She was ill, really ill, but made it to age 21. Sabrina, my first cat, and this cat, jumped from a second story roof to the ground and then left the area! I could not find her - and that could be the case here.

By the way, I would love to have her, if no one else wants her.


What did I just say?

P. S. How do you know that she is not spayed?

11-12-2002, 02:50 PM
Oh, Sallyanne! Greta is very much wanted. I have three possible homes lined up for her, but I may not let her go anywhere. I am just really trying to do the right thing by locating owners, but my heart really hopes that I don't find any. :-)

I haven't had a kitty in my life since my Osborne (my heart kitty...an all black rescue) passed away. He passed away two and a half years ago on my birthday and I'm still not quite over that. It was very unexpected and I am still seeking closure.

Greta is really helping me grieve finally, and is wriggling her little furself into my heart. LOL! If she must leave me, it will be okay and I'll find another kitty that needs love, but I am hoping that she chooses us. If she does, we will know.

I keep looking at my picture of Oz that I keep by my computer and I have been felling very emotional today. I think it's a good thing.

Greta loves my three dogs and that's pretty neat, too.


11-12-2002, 02:53 PM
Isn't it neat how we "rescue" these animals, but they often end up rescuing us right back? Two and a half years without closure on Ozzie....and it took this little furgirl to open me up. Whether she stays or goes, I will always be grateful to Greta. :-)


11-12-2002, 02:55 PM
To answer your question, I don't know if she's spayed or not. I can't see through all that tummy fur. My vet is going to shave a small patch on her tummy today to see if he can find a spay scar. :-)


11-12-2002, 03:08 PM
What a good little kitty you seem to have found. Sounds like she is a keeper, for sure.

How will you ever decide who to give her to, if someone claims they own her? That would scare me the most. Does she have any identifiable (sp) marks etc.

You know, I think she is yours for keeps. I doubt if anyone will come for her after all this time.

It is sweet of you to take her to the vet. I would guess that they will find a scar, but sometimes the scars heal and don't show. I hope she passes all the tests - spaying etc. and that she has a forever home with you.

Sounds as though this is a match made in HEAVEN!

You are a dear heart for saving this furry faced kitty!

Miss Meow
11-12-2002, 04:36 PM
Nothing against her former owner if there was one, but I hope that Greta ends up in your home for a long, long time. What a fighter for making it through the woods. Even if her owner is found and you have to give her up, I'm glad she has helped you through the grieving process.

In Australia, desexed cats are given small green tattoos in their ears so they can be identified quickly as being desexed.

11-13-2002, 10:26 AM
I would like to have Greta...she sounds like a real sweetheart, as do you, for being so kind. I hope you decide to keep her, she sounds just like what you need...;)

11-20-2002, 05:59 PM
do we have an update on greta?

11-22-2002, 06:11 AM
Greta, even if you did find her former owner, there would always be the question in my mind, concerning her, if she would be honestly happy with them. Many cat run away from their homes because of ill-treatment, or for some other factor. Personally, I'd keep her and notify only those vets and shelters in the immediate area. She may have jumped out of a car or van or inadvertantly got away from someone who was traveling or moving through the area. If you hear of no one claiming her, then I would keep her. She is obviously a show cat, and as has been previously posted , that they may only want her for that reason, but not for a loving companion.