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12-03-2000, 01:00 PM
Well i`m going to train my dog,But how should I do it?I`m not really sure how.When we got my old GSD he was already trained.So i`m not very qualified to do it.Anyone who has trained there dogs can help.

My friend thinks I should send it away to be trained but I said no way that will be my last resort.If you can think of anyway you tought your dog and it work plase let me know.

12-03-2000, 01:13 PM
There are too many options for you to work with your dog and a trainer for you resort to sending him away. You just got him and he needs to have you with him, so he'll associate what he learns to you. Check with your veterinarian, local kennel, etc. and even look in the yellow pages for dog training. We did puppy training with Honey in a group and then did adult dog training simultaneously with Honey and Lilly. We found a problem with Honey in the group setting (which may have been because my daughter was handling her) and we will go to private, one on one training after the first of the year. I'd start with the group training first as it is probably much less expensive, but I believe it is imperative that you do the training with guidance from a qualified trainer. The other lesson we learned is that the training kicks in more at home, practicing, than in the actual sessions. If you only do the sessions and don't work on the exercises at home, you'll get no where.
Good luck. Hope Goblin is doing well!

12-04-2000, 07:43 AM
The training facilities will teach you how to train your dog, don't worry. Just find a good training school, sign up and show up on time every week. The rest will come. When they train dogs, they also train the owners. You can go into a training class not knowing anything about training and a good school will teach you how to teach Goblin.

12-04-2000, 04:41 PM
Just be sure to check out any training places. Some use harsh methods. Try to go to a positive reinforcement training type school. The positive reinforcement can be food and/or praise.

12-07-2000, 11:06 PM
SheltieLover: Do you have a PetsMart near? The Puppy Preschool classes are inexpensive and will help you get a good start with Goblin until you decide what amount and type of training you want to do. Do you want to show him in obedience? 4-H? flyball, agility, tracking, herding, trailing, etc., etc.? There are lots of fun things to do with your dog that re-enforces the basic training and helps you bond much closer to each other. Training also makes a dog a MUCH better house companion, so socialize him and get some guidance on the training. This isn't really a plug, per se, but check out Epinions.com and look for the opinions on Selecting an Obedience Trainer. There are several good ideas of what to look for and (blush) I even have a more detailed answer there. I was an instructor at PetsMart in Indianapolis for two years and loved the puppy classes, because puppies so want to please and are so easy to train at 4-6 months. By the way, sending a dog to a trainer just teaches the dog to mind that trainer. You'll feel much better about things when you do the training yourself and you can be proud of what you accomplish. Just keep asking questions and reading the various topic answers and you'll find lots of great information here. Keep us posted.

01-01-2001, 09:03 PM
dog bisscutes until he/she does give it a biscuit

01-24-2001, 12:14 AM
the best thing to do is train your dog yourself when training your dog don't use treats because it doesn't work all the time
best thing to do is use a choker when walking your dog but make sure you have the choker on your left side so that when you use it,it won't really hurt them it will just scare them. One of my friends decided to use treats when she took her dog for a walk and when she tried to stop using the treats her dog wouldn't listen to her at all. Just tell them that they are good and maybe have a play toy with you. But don't try and train them all day do it for about 5 mins a day other wise the dog won't enjoy it . And also when trainging your dog make sure you always tell he/she they are good and make sure you play with them alot but as for other training like attack I would take them to a school

01-24-2001, 02:12 PM
I trained all my dogs my self. Even Agility