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01-24-2011, 09:13 PM
Hey guys, I have a question for this scholarship essay contest. This is the prompt:

Now I have a question, would BSL be a good topic for this essay? I feel like BSL isn't exactly what they want, since it's not nessacarily animal suffering. Maybe Puppy mills? Any other suggestions? I am not going to be using any Animal Liberation Front, PETA, or other BS animal organization for this so please don't refer me to anything like that. :o I'll post the essay when I'm done with it maybe for proof-reading. Thanks for any help!

01-24-2011, 10:07 PM
Maybe you could incorporate BSL with dog fighting and the misrepresentation of certain breeds?

Good luck!

01-25-2011, 07:12 AM
You go, girl!!! You've chosen a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I KNOW you'll do well!!!

BIG HUGS:love::love:


01-29-2011, 09:03 PM
Go for it!!!

I did a 6 page essay and powerpoint presentation for my 4th term project. We were to choose a "hot topic" (political) in the veterinary field. So I chose BSL! We were supposed to choose something we are very passionate about, include our opinion, the opinion of the general public, the opinion and views of someone we interviewed in the veterinary field, and include the facts, pros, cons, and general information. Other classmates of mine did co2 euthanasia, neuter and release vs. trap and kill,the horrible oil spill and how it has affected millions of wildlife, slaughter houses, puppy mills, breeders, etc, etc.

So, if you are passionate about it, do it!:)

01-30-2011, 11:04 AM
I'm clue-free here. What does BSL stand for?

01-30-2011, 04:01 PM
Thanks guys! I don't know how I'd do on this, I hope I do good though! It's a decent amount of money :)

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation - basically like the banning of Pitties and other bully breeds in certain areas of the country. Sorry for the confusion!

01-30-2011, 04:28 PM
I believe breed-specific legislation will count, as so many pitties get put to sleep without being given a chance by shelter systems and it does not just target pitties but some places target other breeds as well.

If you want to go for sheer gut-wrenching horror, that's always puppy mills, but depending on how big the contest is, a lot of people may choose that topic, so you'd have to do a superlative job to stand out.