View Full Version : I's had fun.

10-27-2002, 11:28 PM
Hi everyone's, is Smudge here.

Mommy said I could tell everyone about my weekend 'cause she's to tired. We had fun my mommy and me, we got to run and jump and cuddle and all kinds of stuff like that.

mommy is happy 'cause I got a title on Saturday, I'm happy 'cause I gots turkey and other goodies on Saturday, it was tasty.

Then today, I beat another dog a couple of times and got lots of love from mommy for that and I gots my jumpers title which made mommy happy again, I was just happy to jump...I like to jump. And I got to go through lots and lots of tunnels while mommy stood there and watched. Her friend thought that was funny but I didn't care 'cause it was fun. Also I gots to walk around in lots of mud, and then mess mommy's clothes up.

I also got to visit mommy's work tonight, it's a big store with lots of boring smells and lots of people. I was a little scared of the people when I first got there but after a while I let them pet me, plus mommy gave me some nummy pizza crusts, and then I gots to come home to my sister and granma and granpa.

I go now, maybe snuggle with Winter while mommy is getting clean from all the dirt...she said something about me having to do that later this week, but I don't care 'cause I'll just be dirties again in a while anyways.


10-28-2002, 07:12 AM
Ahhh Smudge, sounds like a great day was had by everyone! Have fun snuggling!