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09-29-2010, 01:20 PM
Over a week ago, I was in a pet store (I worked there years ago) and was looking at their betta's. I noticed a pertty red male that was severely bloated and just laying on his side at the top of the cup with dirty water. I told them he was sick, and at least needed his water changed because it was so filthy.

Remember, this was over a WEEK ago. I couldn't get that poor fish out of my mind since last week. I went back in there yesterday, and he was still there! Still laying in filthy water, and still just floating listlessly at the top of the cup, with a major bloat problem. I notified the manager, and he gave him to me for free. He said he knew he'd be in better hands with me than anyone else.

So... I had to pick him up a hospital tank and supplies. So I bought a 2 gallon Kritter Keeper to use while he's being treated. If he makes it, I'll upgrade him to the 5 gallon aquarium kit at Walmart, like Taco is in. I also bought some Spongebob themed ornaments and gravel, and a sponge filter with a carbon pouch in it as well, along with a container of aquarium salt too.

The only thing left to buy is a small Hydor mini heater, which the store was out of. They'll be in on Friday they said. Thankfully my house stays very warm, and I have him near a window (but not in direct sunlight), so his water is staying nice and warm, right around 78F.

Yesterday after I put him in the tank, he was swimming a bit eratically and still occasionally floating over onto his side. He also had stress lines and his coloration wasn't as bright as it should be. Today, however, he's doing fantastic. His bloat has gone down tons thanks to fasting him and doing his salt soaks, and he's swimming around great. He's very active and has been exploring his tank non-stop. His stress lines are also almost completely gone and his color is much better. He's one happy fishy now!

His name is Canaan.

Here's some pics:

Still in his cup...



His new tank that I set up just for him...


Happily cruising his tank...


I think he likes his little hospital tank, LOL


09-29-2010, 01:32 PM
Wow, look at his color! Beautiful! OMGItsapibble, bless you for rescuing him!

(Question, though - does each betta fish require an individual tank, or portion of a tank? The only thing I know about betta fish is that they are very colorful.)

09-29-2010, 05:02 PM
So glad you rescued the little guy. I hate how some pet stores don't give a crap about the poor little bettas. Glad he's in good hands now :).