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09-23-2010, 09:36 PM
Contaminated Petfood Case Ends in Fine, Probation

A Nevada couple who imported more than 800 metric tons of wheat gluten from China which was contaminated deliberately with melamime and cyanuric acid and killed an estimated 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs in the US wer...e sentenced in Kansas City on February 05, 2010..

Stephen and Sally Miller of Las Vegas and their company, ChemNutra Inc., were fined $35,000. and placed on probation for three years and barred from importing pet food ingredients. Kansas City Star reporter Sara Shepherd writes:

‘U.S. Magistrate Judge John T. Maughmer said he read a stack of letters, inches tall, from affected pet owners.Evidence doesn’t indicate that the Millers knowingly imported something they knew would kill animals, the judge said. But they did not exercise due diligence to ensure their product was safe, he said. “There was much loss, much heartbreak, much damage that was done as a consequence of this case … and you have to bear responsibility,” Maughmer told the couple. In light of a $24 million settlement in a civil lawsuit related to the tainted food, the judge ordered no further restitution for pet owners’.

More than 150 brands of pet food were involved in this biggest-to-date recall in 2007.

Robin Gray
Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue
Suffolk, VA