View Full Version : Gotta A Hamster??

10-24-2002, 04:10 PM
Hey Eveyone do any 1 of you guys gotta a hamster??

Arent they the cutest, sweetest most luvable things???

If you do tell me how many, what type, and how old they are!!

Oh Yea

I have a 1 year 7 monthes old, Teddy bear hamster named
Air Bud CZ SS or *Buddy* For short

CZ stands for the guys i like and ss stands for his mommy and daddys name.

10-24-2002, 05:03 PM
I'd like to hear about Buddy the hamster. I do not have a hamster, the closestr thing is my mice. I have 17 mice. They are in 5 different aquariums, Girls together, boys separate. And they are quite cute,. too

Sam's My Baby
10-24-2002, 06:58 PM
aww, I used to have a teddy bear hamster too, a long time ago when I was little. :) But right now I have a gerbil named Sam! you can see her picture in my signature. I would love to see pictures of your sweet Buddy!