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Aspen and Misty
10-23-2002, 03:26 PM
Hi guys! I am makeing a web site and I would love to add some of your pets on it.

I am doing it to promote what I'm doing in my comunity. I help people rehome or make it so they are able to keep there pets. I have been raising money for someone to buy a fence and now I am helping someone re home there cat. I also want to work with small animals. So please psot there pictures. But make sure you don't mind that I use them, cause I'm gonna and I don't want anyone to get mad at anyone! If you post a picture please put the animals name, Your name, Where you got the animal, And if you have an interesting story about how you got your animal please post it along with the photo.



10-23-2002, 03:38 PM
Awww, how sweet! Okay, here's my beautiies!!




Those are just a few but if you want more then go to the threads:
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10-23-2002, 04:25 PM
Here`s Thelmer:

Here`s PJ:

And here is Bailey:

Fell free to use mine!

what do you mean you need our name? If you mean real name mine is Christina or Christy! Don`t care :D

Aspen and Misty
10-23-2002, 05:09 PM
I loved the photo's. Keep um comeing!

Britt, I don't just wanna use photo's I would like everyone's permission to use them. But thatnx though!


10-23-2002, 07:24 PM
Feel free to use any pictures you find and like of my girls.



The girls together http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid18/p94d55f774163cbc3b91a92ec59f32c32/fdcb6361.jpg

Sadie came to us from a great farm family. Her mom, Patches, was a purebred Dalmation, whose owner was going to put her down because "he didn't like the way she was acting" What he meant by that was that his Black Lab got her pregnant and he didn't want to deal with it. Patches was taken instead by a neighbor, who didn't know she was pregnant, but gave her a great home and made sure all her pups found great homes. We didn't really pick, her, Sadie picked us. When I first held her, she crawled inside my coat, wrapped herslef around my neck, and gave me kisses. I knew she was my baby!

Cincy, also came from a farm family, but her start was a little rougher. She was only 6 weeks old when we got her and her and her siblings were being kept outside in a chicken coup, while "mom" had already been taken back in the house. She was the runt of the litter and must have had to fight for food. When we first got her, her poor little belly was all bloated and she had a tick in her ear. She never lacked for energy though! With some loving care and regular meals, she was soon looking as good as she acted!

Good luck with your project! Let me know if you need anything else.

10-24-2002, 12:38 AM
There's a link to my imagestation albums in my siggy. You are free to use any of the pics, I'd just like to see your website when you are done. That's an awesome project you are doing. :)

Dakota's Mommy
10-24-2002, 08:35 AM
I also have a link to my imagestation at the bottom of my post and most of my albums have pics of Dakota on them! Feel free to use any pics of Dakota that you find and like! Dakota is a pure breed harlequin great dane that my husband (Brian) found for sale in front of Wal-Mart. He got her and brought her right home. He was told that the breeder has about 3 full size danes (two males and a female) and the female ended up pregnant. Well, they didn't have the room or the money to support those 3 and a litter so she was selling the pups. I'm so glad that it worked out that way though because Brian and I love our Dakota!

I don't have pics on yet of Destiny, but as soon as I do, you're more than welcome to use pics of her too. Destiny is our new Dalmation puppy that is 8 1/2 months old. She has had a hard life up to this point. We don't know the whole story about her, but from the pieces we heard from her last family, the first home she was in was a home with a lot of other animals, all kept outside, where the animals were not taken care of. These poor animals we're not fed by their owner so a neighbor noticed and fed them and fought, is still fighting for some, to get these animals taken away from this person. For some reason, this person keeps being given more animals, which she does not take care of like these. Luckily, Destiny was taken to a better home where she had been being taken care of, taken to the vet, and caught up on her shots. Unfortunately for that family though, they have to move due to the army, plus the mother has an allergic reaction to Destiny, so they had to get rid of her. Well, one of our neighbors knows that family and is good friends with us now so he asked us if we knew anybody who wanted a dalmation. Well, by 8 pm that night (he mentioned it between 5 & 6 pm), we were on our way home with the neweset addition to our family.

So, again, you may use any pics of our two: Destiny and Dakota! We think it's great what you're doing too. Especially because of the pieces of story we were told of Destiny. The last family that had her were so greatful that they knew this dog was going to another loving, caring family that will take care of her. I guess that was one of their big concerns when they knew they had to find her anothe home! We just got lucky.


Aspen and Misty
10-24-2002, 03:33 PM
Thanx everyone! I loved all the pictures! I'm going ot check out the albums and get back to ya'll on which ones I used. Thanx a bunch!


Sam's My Baby
10-24-2002, 07:00 PM
oo! I have a bunch in the album in my signature! Check it out!:)

Aspen and Misty
10-24-2002, 08:29 PM
Sam's my baby I almomst PMed you! I want a picture of your little sam so bad. But Irembered you had a "unusual" pet and I was hoeing you would post! So far all I have right now are dogs and cats. I need morse of the other animals like Sam.

Thanx so much!

ps: Anyone with mice, rats, anything weird liek that please psot pictures!

Aspen and Misty
10-24-2002, 08:34 PM
I am going to use this one of Sam.......

Aspen and Misty
10-24-2002, 08:36 PM
nd the one labled Birdies in your album of your birds. What are yoru birds names?

Aspen and Misty
10-24-2002, 08:42 PM
Dakota's mom, I'm gonna use this picture of Dakota....(I just feel in love with it)

PS: I loved the story on Destiny, I'm so glad she was saved, she was one of the lucky ones!

Sam's My Baby
10-25-2002, 02:20 PM
Aww thanks for using picture of my pets! :) My birdies names are Mr. and Mrs. Tweety!:D :)

Heather Wallace
10-25-2002, 05:43 PM
Here's Bunny, she was a great mum, last year she gave birth to 6 babies.

Here's Tatty Bogles, the amazing cat who lets himself in.

Aspen and Misty
10-25-2002, 06:36 PM
LOl thank you. I'm sorry I'm tourching ya'll with haveing to give me pics :p Keep them comeing!


The Cat Factory
10-28-2002, 12:40 AM
There's some pics of my kitties in this thread (http://petoftheday.com/talk/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16378)
You can you whatever ones you'd like to :)

Dakota's Mommy
10-29-2002, 03:43 PM
Glad to hear that you got at least one pic of Dakota that you really liked! Feel free to use as many as you like, even some of her older pics in her other albums (other than the Puppy Pics one). You are also more than welcome to keep checking back to our imagestation whenever you like because we plan to keep updating it whenever we get new pics of our girls. Hopefully, we'll have pics of Destiny on there too in the next week or two! Again, whenever you get an address for your website, please share it with us here on Pet Talk so that we can check it out!

Aspen and Misty
10-29-2002, 06:29 PM
Dakota's mom...I can't use pictures in your puppu album right? But any otehr one I can? I'm just trying to get this straigth, I don't want to use anything I can't. Also, I can't get into the first link you sent me by pm but I was able to get the second. My mom blocked the computer from things that weren't aproiate for the kids to see and she forgot the password on how to change it. It says that there are like revelaing atire and kissing in the ablums so I can't access them. If you want to you can send me your fav pictures in email, [email protected]


Dakota's Mommy
10-30-2002, 04:11 PM
Ash, you can use any pic of my album that you find that you like, even the puppy pics! You are more than welcome to all of them! Sorry, I guess I parts of my last message were kind of confusing! Any pics you find, you can use! Sorry that you can't get into my main album! I totally forgot that there is one pic of my husband and I kissing for one of our prom pics! Sorry about that! Here are a list of the albums I have on there of Dakota and hopefully I will remember to give you the ones for Destiny and any of the two together that I add after I give you these links!