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10-23-2002, 12:13 PM

The Korat, from Thailand, is highly honored in that country. It is also known as the Si-Sawat. Pictures found in a book in the National Library in Bangkok takethe Korat backto the Ayudhya Period of Siamese History in 1350 through 1767. The first pair of Korats came to the United States in 1959 and was recognized for show in 1966 in the U.S. and 1975 in Britain.
The Korat's body is muscular, The head is shaped like a heart and it is very broad across the eyes. No other breed has this feature. The eyes ofthe Korat are quite large and bright. They will become a a luminous green although it can take up to four years for the color to be fully developed. The legs are thin but proportionate tothe body. The front legs are shorter than the back legs. The coat isshort and shiny. Regular combing or daily hand grooming should keep hairballs at a minimum. This cat does need a warm climate.

The only color variety for the Korat isblue. Each hair is tipped with silver givingthe coata silvery blue appearance.

The overall impression of the Korat is very different from that of other blue breeds. The body is excellently muscled and has a surprising heft, and the fur has the texture and sheen of silkó results of good health, exercise and excellent nutrition.

The Korat is a gentle cat that likes play but is not fond of loud noises. They are known to be good with children. It is said they have exceptional hearing and a keensense ofsmell and sight.

And here's Basil:
Here is one that shows what his color is like...

10-23-2002, 01:33 PM
I don't know if Basil is a Korat or not. All I know is he is so cute!!! I love the picture of him munching on a finger.:D

10-23-2002, 03:04 PM
I think Basil can be whatever he wants to be! Why should we limit our youngin's ambition? :D :D :D

10-23-2002, 03:23 PM
You know, in that second picture, Basil does fit the description to a tee!! I can't tell about the front legs being shorter but the color and the heart shaped face are right on!!!


10-23-2002, 04:08 PM
The emotional/disposition discriptions fits him exactly...I know he's not a full-bred one (who cares), but it's neat that he may have some Korat in him.

He's so totally loving...and his eyes are just mesmerizing in person. My little cutie!! My hubby keeps joking that he's my perfect cat...so loving and sweet. Almost like his very survival depends on the love he gets. So not like my honey Noah. It's amazing to me that I can love these furries so much...and they are so different from each other...it's very cool. :D

10-24-2002, 12:31 AM
I dont' know if he's a Korat, but I wanted to say the ring in the finger munch picture is SO pretty!!!

I can't see the pic of the Korat you have there... but I looked it up and it sure seems like he might have that breed in him!!! :D

10-24-2002, 11:17 AM
Originally posted by Nomilynn
I dont' know if he's a Korat, but I wanted to say the ring in the finger munch picture is SO pretty!!!

Thank you! :)

10-24-2002, 05:36 PM
Hey Noah's Mommy, I was hoping that you would find some Korat or Russian Blue owners here who could clue you in on what their breeds coloring is as kittens. I did notice that Wayne0214 mentioned one of his cats is a Russian Blue, maybe he can tell you a little about that breed. Good luck in finding out what your little Basil is.:)

10-26-2002, 07:46 AM
I have a large picture book of cat breeds. They show a Korat, and the Russian Blue, and there are differences. One of the things to watch for in the Korat is that their coat "breaks" over their spine. That is, it is a bit ruffled whenever the cat sits. The Russian Blue is a more delicatly built cat having longer slender legs and a tail that is nearly as long as the remainder of the cat's body, although their coat is similiar to the Korat. The obvious difference is in he shape of their head. The Russian Blue appears to be part "Abyssinian". That their eyes should be decisively green in color, also that their coat is very soft and thick. A Russian Blue's coat should have the unmistakeable silver tipping which is sometimes more pronounced than the Korat's.

There is 3rd breed if blue cat, called a Chartreux. It is a typical British-appearing cat, with the "Winston Chruchill" look. The eyes on this cat should be yellow.